“Uruguayan basketball is fun”

Antonio Bivins was the figure of Unión Atlética’s triumph against Danubio. After the game he spoke with Basketball Total.

When talking about how he lived the meeting, he commented: “It was a very crazy game, the two teams played very hard and it was fun to be part of it. I like it when both teams compete like this, that’s what makes it an entertaining game. “

He also spoke of the third quarter, in which Danubio got to get the maximum: “When they got the difference of ten it was crazy, but basketball is a game of streaks and we still had the rest of the third quarter and the last. We had to calm down, start to organize the defense better and play harder. They played very well, but we never gave up. “

The three-point shot was the weapon that the team around the corner used the most during the match, but by the last quarter Unión found a way to avoid it: “I think we did it by defending a little harder, not letting them shoot so comfortably, that they didn’t take such wide shots. We started talking to each other a little more and for me that was the difference ”.

When talking about his performance in the match, he said: “Beyond that I was the scorer, the important thing is that the point is won. I had a very hard blow at one point against the wall and my left hand was felt, I had to deal with that and it was difficult, but I had to think about helping my team and putting more of myself on defense, because basketball is so much attack as defense. Many players performed a lot, Emilio (Taboada) played very well, Joaquín (Dios) had a great finish. It was a great team experience ”.

Finally, he talked about how he sees El Metro: “Uruguayan basketball is fun. I love playing basketball and I love everything about it, but Uruguayan basketball is very physical and fun for me. You play hard here, I enjoy the team and everything there is. The cold is crazy, but today it wasn’t cold and I miss it a little bit (laughs) ”.