Uruguay and the hard work of being a World Cup in the Basketball Qualifiers, a very complicated competition

The Uruguayan basketball team is taking slow but sure steps in its quest to return to a World Cup, where it has not participated since Spain 1986. In the last window of the Qualifiers it lost to Brazil in Franca 85-66, but on Monday it recovered in time and with a youth team he defeated Chile in Valdivia by 78-67.

What results must be given to reach the Philippines-Indonesia-Japan 2023? What campus will Rubén Magnano be able to count on for the coming windows? Referee He chatted with the technical assistant Javier Isis to delve into the heart of the other celestial.

“The vision that the coaching staff has is to go game by game and see how each window is presented,” explained Isis.

It is that each period of matches is a world where you have to contemplate multiple situations. In the first place, the commitments of the players who play for European teams, because since the Qualifying format was changed (for China 2019), what is known in the world of football as the FIFA date that sets the obligation of the clubs has never been generated. to give the players to the selections.

Uruguay has Jayson Granger in Baskonia and Bruno Fitipaldo in Lenovo Tenerife, in Spain’s Liga Endesa, while Luciano Parodi plays for Oliver Wurzburgo in the German Bundesliga.

It also has Santiago Véscovi in ​​the NCAA’s Tennessee Volunteers and basketball in the United States is also a world apart from FIBA.

The last Uruguayan victory was this week in Valdivia against Chile

“In each window you have to see if there is activity or not in the Euroleague, but the physical conditions of the players also influence, in addition to the covid”, declared Isis who tested positive before the trip to Brazil and could not be part of the delegation in this last window, as well as Kiril Wachsmann who had residues of the virus and was only able to join the team in Valdivia.

“The windows have been uncertain so far. The goal is to have the team as strong as possible in June and go game by game, ”he said.

On this double date, Magnano could not count on Mathías Calfani, currently in Aguada, due to a tear, nor Fitipaldo, suffering from back pain.

“Compared to what was the last Qualifiers where we ended up with six points, there is a goal set which is to reach seven points. Obviously we will try to win the home games in June and July at the Antel Arena. That would position us with five points and then go to fight with the United States, Puerto Rico and Mexico, which we know are very complex rivals, and more than visitors with everything that is the mobility of the windows, which in 48 or 72 hours can demand to cross the entire continent, as in the last Qualifiers that we played in Las Vegas and in less than 72 hours we did it as locals with Mexico”, recalled Isis.

“These are variables that play a role and that make it very difficult to make projections, that’s why the first goal this team has is to beat Brazil on June 30,” he said.

The current edition of the Euroleague ends on May 29, 2022, which, in principle, can encourage the presence of Granger, who gave Uruguay a leap in quality in the Victoria Qualifiers, where the sky-blue played a worthy role against Turkey and then It was about to beat the Czech Republic, which was the one that ended up, against all odds, qualifying for Tokyo 2020.

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Jayson Granger is one of the heavenly figures who could rarely be

Uruguay has already won its two games against Colombia and after having its revenge against Brazil, it will host Chile on July 3.

That will take them to the second and final phase to play with the three best group D that will be the United States, Puerto Rico and Mexico in a key where Cuba also plays, accumulating four defeats.

The first three and the best fourth will qualify for the 2023 World Cup.

Uruguay was close to China 2019. One triple, by Parodi, to beat Puerto Rico as a visitor and achieve the long-awaited world ticket in a process that started Marcelo Signorelli who after the win against Mexico at home was fired, Magnano arriving in his place.

The windows against the Group D teams will be played in August and November 2022 and in February 2023.

At the same time, Uruguay must watch what happens in the other key where the three best in group A will play, which will be Venezuela, Argentina and Panama (Paraguay will be left out) against Canada and the Dominican Republic for sure, while the third place will be disputed by the Bahamas and Virgin Islands.

Elusive since 1986, Uruguay is fighting again for a World Cup place. Brazil will be the next step.


B Group
Uruguay 83-75 Colombia
Brazil 77-53 Chile
Colombia 69-82 Uruguay
Chile 55-81 Brazil
Brazil 85-66 Uruguay
Chile 90-76 Colombia
Brazil 119-73 Colombia
Chile 67-78 Uruguay
Colombia-Chile (June 30)
Uruguay Brazil (June 30)
Colombia-Brazil (July 3)
Uruguay-Chile (July 3)
Group D
United States 95-90 Cuba
Mexico 90-86 Puerto Rico
Puerto Rico 69-60 Cuba
Mexico 97-88 United States
United States 93-76 Puerto Rico
Cuba 72-82 Mexico
United States 89-67 Mexico
Cuba 62-65 Puerto Rico
Puerto Rico-United States (July 1)
Mexico-Cuba (July 1)
Puerto Rico-Mexico (July 4)
Cuba-United States (July 4)

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Uruguay and the hard work of being a World Cup in the Basketball Qualifiers, a very complicated competition