Uruguay 75 – Chile 65: La Celeste improved its performance and reached the next round of the Qualifier

Uruguay beat 75-65 to Chili in the second match of the third window of the Qualifier towards the World Cup 2023. Ruben Magnano’s team was up to the task, showing another version of the game against Brazil and, with Batista as a figure, entered the next round with 10 points and a record of four wins and two losses.

The next duels will be in August, November and February against the United States, Puerto Rico and Mexico.

first quarter

Uruguay 26 – Chile 18

Uruguay vs. Chili. Photo: Francisco Flores.
Uruguay vs. Chili. Photo: Francisco Flores.

La Celeste started ahead with a partial eight to three in two minutes of play with Parodi essential to place the first points and a good support from Batista and Iglesias, who scored from the outside shot. Haase discounted from 6.75 meters and put the trans-Andean cast into play, but Uruguay did not diminish in its intensity. Chile lacked defensive pressure, the ball came clean to Esteban Batista and the player was able to solve it easily. When half of the first boy was running, Magnano’s team was leading Chile eight to zero in points from the paint.

second bedroom

Uruguay 41(15) – Chile 34(16)

Uruguay vs. Chili. Photo: Francisco Flores.
Uruguay vs. Chili. Photo: Francisco Flores.

Uruguay started the second boy in a good way with Ubal as a figure scoring four consecutive points, but those were the only counterattack points for Celeste and from there the visit grew with a partial 8-2 that left it six points behind parity (26-32). The trans-Andean figure at this point was Suárez, who three points from the end of the first half accumulated 10 units. However, the entry of Pena García two and a half minutes from the end of the first half gave him a goal and on the first ball he scored a triple. Batista charged to the rim every time he could and became the figure of Uruguay in the first 20 minutes.

third quarter

Uruguay 63(22) – Chile 45(11)

In the first half Bruno Fitipaldo did not show his best version and Uruguay missed him, but in the middle of the third boy he took center stage with eight points in a row that forced the rival coach to ask for a minute. Suárez was one of the most outstanding in the Red, that when he managed to free Haase, he hurt the cast of Magnano.
The greatest collective expression of Uruguay occurred in the final two sections and a minute and a half from the end of the third quarter, Uruguay had placed a partial 20-7 that led to victory.

last room

Uruguay 75(12) – Chile 65(20)

La Celeste decreased in its performance and the trans-Andean cast posted a partial 16-5 with which they went from being 20 points down (41-61) to eight behind parity (68-59). Batista and Iglesias were essential by placing key points that prevented the rival from getting closer. They finally advanced to the next round with a 4-2 record, avoided the Venezuela zone and will have to face Puerto Rico, Mexico and the United States in August, November and February with round-trip matches.

the previous

To the World Cup next year seven teams will qualify for the Americas. In this first round 16 played, of which 12 advanced. Paraguay, the Virgin Islands and Cuba have already been eliminated, for which there remains a quota that they define between two and one of them is precisely tonight’s rival, Chile, who is fighting with Colombia.

The Chileans lost 67-66 to the Colombians on Thursday and both are equal on 6 points, but at the moment the classified is the red team, since they have a difference in points in the duel between the two. It would only be left out if Colombia defeats Brazil in Barranquilla (also today), which seems difficult because the northerners (Uruguay winners on Thursday 73-60) won all their games.

Why is it important to win this point for Celeste? For the next phase, in which two groups of 6 will be formed. In the case of Uruguay, they will be together with the other two classified from their current series (Brazil, Chile or Colombia) and the three from Group D: United States, Mexico and Puerto Rico. In this second round, they will face only the three new teams, in a round trip (there will be six games) and all will carry the points achieved. Uruguay has 8 and if they win they will go to 10. This would allow them to be above Puerto Rico or Mexico, who face each other tonight.


Celeste Victory in Valdivia

On February 28, Chile and Uruguay met in Valdivia and Celeste won 78-67. Agustín Ubal, who played the last minutes against Brazil last Thursday, was the top scorer in that game with 15 points: 60% from the field, 75% from doubles and 75% from free kicks, plus 4 rebounds and 2 assists. Wachsmann contributed 12, Iglesias and Joaquín Rodríguez, 11 each.

La Celeste, which hasn’t been to a World Cup since Spain 1986, doesn’t have an easy outlook even though it’s seventh. As an example, it is worth remembering what happened in the last Qualifiers, where he faced these same three rivals and only beat two and it was at home: Mexico and Puerto Rico.

The first three of each of the two groups of six and the best fourth go to the World Cup. In that place the Celeste finished in 2019, but the quota was won by the Dominican Republic by one point. Hence the importance of tonight.

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Uruguay 75 – Chile 65: La Celeste improved its performance and reached the next round of the Qualifier