Unvaccinated players who cannot play will not be paid

Players who are forced to miss games due to executive orders governing vaccination requirements in both New York and San Francisco will not be paid for games that are missed.

“Any player who chooses not to comply with local immunization mandates will not receive any payment for the games he or she misses,” said Mike Bass, NBA executive vice president of communications, in a statement Wednesday morning.

Both cities passed executive orders in recent weeks governing vaccine requirements that could affect the Brooklyn Nets and Golden State Warriors. The order in New York, which applies to the Barclays Center, requires an injection of COVID-19. To enter the Chase Center in San Francisco, a person must be fully vaccinated.

The star of the Nets, Kyrie irving, was absent from the team’s media day at the Barclays Center on Monday as a result of the order in New York, which took effect earlier this month. During Warriors press day, Andrew Wiggins said his vaccination status was “private” before that order goes into effect the next month before the start of the regular season.

Those executive orders governing the vaccine only apply to players who play in those markets; players outside the market are exempt from them.

The New York Knicks previously said that their entire organization, including all players, are fully vaccinated and comply with New York City law.

The NBA and the National Basketball Players Association are finalizing an agreement on health and safety protocols for this season, as ESPN reported Tuesday night when the league sent the protocols to teams.