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San Isidro does not stop his march. He closed the north tour with a perfect score. This Thursday they beat Independiente 98-83 in Santiago del Estero. It was the ninth victory in a row.

How is San Isidro!… the Red Halcones do not relax, they are not satisfied and continue accumulating triumphs. This Thursday in Santiago del Estero his new victim was Independiente to close the tour of the north of the country with three wins in the same number of presentations.

The red worked, it made it more than clear that his emotional moment is through the roof. He rallied from a 10-point deficit in the third quarter and then hit the turbo button to bring out the full power of him.

Once again, Juan Cruz Oberto was decisive, but the one from Las Varillas was accompanied by roles as Stucky and the timely appearances of José Montero to be a prophet in his land.

He got the ninth and continues to improve his own record to start clocking the historical mark at the national level that San Martín de Corrientes and Instituto de Córdoba hold.

Next Thursday, February 3, San Isidro will visit Ameghino in Villa María. After that game, he will play at home again.


Independent of Santiago del Estero 83: Gabriel Mendes Da Silva 11, Jeremias Sandrini 20, Luciano Silva 5, Luciano Tambucci 2, Bruno Ingratta 19, Joaquin Ruiz, Jose Rolfi Fortunato 12, Maximo Velez 12, Omar Burgos 2. DT: Javier Montenegro.

San Isidro 98: Santiago Bruno, Santiago Assum 11, Milton Vittar 8, José Montero 13, Juan Cruz Oberto 29, Emilio Stucky 17, Jerónimo Suñé 2, Ignacio Cuesta 0, Federico Zezular 7, Gonzalo Romero 4, Jeremías Diotto 3. DT: Daniel Beltramo.

Partials: Independent 21 / San Isidro 25 – 44/39 – 67/71 and 83/98.

Referees: Sergio Tarifeño, Raul Chavez and Luis Chacana.

Stadium: “Israel Parnas”

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Unstoppable: there are 9! – DiarioSports – San Francisco