Unmissable video with subtitles: what the DRA said in each prison

From “I eat you, brother” to “you’re laughing but you’re nervous.” The Martinez show that was featured on penalties.

The “look how I eat you”, cover of Ole after qualifying at the end of the America Cup what will be Saturday at 9 p.m. at the Maracana, It remained forever, regardless of how the end of the film is. So much so that at dawn, upon returning to concentration, they jokingly shouted at him: “Look how I eat you, Draw!”

Emiliano Martínez saved three penalties for show in Argentina’s victory against Colombia. He could not with the first from Cuadrado but he could with Sánchez, Mina and Cardona. And now he dreams of the Maracana, in the final. The goalkeeper was not well known until now, but his glorious night came to Goycochea, even super praised by Lionel messi.

They were tears of happiness. The goalkeeper was illuminated on penalties and gave a joy to all Argentines. And it generated a historic final, to prepare with everything against Brazil. To go for more glory after 28 years.


Draw winner.

Draw winner.

Borja warmed up and celebrated it in his face.

Borja warmed up and celebrated it in his face.


Unforgettable night in Brasilia. with the goalie playing his game, talking to the kickers a lot, scaring them off. Of course you have to stop later, but he did. He got bigger, going to his left, making the Colombians nervous. Each prison ‘gasping’, with personality. “I’m sorry but I like you brother,” he shot 23, Sánchez, to cover him to his left.

He even repeated with Yerry Mina, to whom he said ‘you’re nervous’ several times. After De Paul erred, he did his show: You don’t have to celebrate, no, I see you nervous. Look that the ball is a little ahead. Yes, you do the idiot, I already know you (both play in the Premier), you like it. You laugh at your nerves. Look at me as a brother, look at me as a brother “, And after stopping him, there came the somewhat risque, sexual gesture.

He did the same with Borja, who was able to overcome the situation, shot him and celebrated with a little dance almost in the face of the goalkeeper. “You’re shit, you’re shit. Fuck you, you were talking at halftime huh. You like to wait shit, you were talking at halftime,” Draw threw him. Even the judge warned him: “With words like that no.” “You like to look, eh, give him look at me, look at me,” Dra closed, before Borja shot him.

And in the last one he covered, from Cardona, he stopped to jump on the goal line. This time he did not say anything, he only moved and went to his left to give the classification to the National Team. He took a second to celebrate, waiting for the final OK from the referee who was checking the goalkeeper’s position and then yes: the explosion. You deserve it, Draw.

Excited by the situation, Martínez tried to tell what he was experiencing: “I have no words. We have been locked up for 40 days. We are the only ones who have not broken the bubble. We could not see anyone. We are alone with the coaching staff, with the staff, with the leaders, with the cooks. It is a joint effort of 70 people. We came for a dream. We said it from day one. And what better than against Brazil on their field. ”