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The first date of the Salteño of the ‘A’ was completed. Universitario began losing to Salto Uruguay but ended up winning it and the first goalless draw was recorded between Ferro Carril and Arsenal.
Universitario with substitutes but players with all the experience beat a youthful and spirited team from Salto Uruguay that was up on the scoreboard twice, 3-2.
Universitario ends up giving away the first half even though he had the ball and the game process, but it was ineffective in offense, except for a header over the second post by captain Flores, playing with a line of three that when the boys from Salto Uruguay played short it compromised them a lot. About 27 ‘after a remarkable move to the right by Sattler, Fagúndez appears in the middle who takes a shot that, in complicity with Burgardt, becomes 1-0 with which the first half ends in favor of the albiceleste.
In the complement after a notable pass to Rolfo from the figure of the match, ‘Cunfi’ Menoni, the forward defined for 1-1.
Then the ‘Rojo’ had several chances to continue long that he did not take advantage of and at 21 ‘in a ball at the entrance of the area Paolo Tabárez scored the 2-1 for Salto Uruguay.
The entry of Llama and Jacques gives more experience to the ‘U’ offense and the winning goals arrive, over the 31′ Silveira and over the 38′ Gómez Barrientos for the 3-2 final.
Enrique H. Olaizola

In a discreet match Arsenal and Ferro equalized goalless. Very protested and little game, few situations on the goals. The “coalman” with an alternative team, reserving the starters for Sunday’s game for the Cup.
The clearest was Ferro, Vargas could not twice in the same play. On the Arsenal side, the best was in Maciel, active, participative and who gradually lost gravitation in the final part.
It was a tie and it was good, the result did not displease either of them. Charles Hermann


Stadium: Ernest Dickinson. Public: 400 people. Referee: Ruben Ferreira (6). Assistants: Ricardo González and Ignacio Sañudo.
Salto Uruguay: Martín Caffrée, Walter Campos, Mariano De los Santos, Brahian Soria, José Luis Silva, Ignacio Vespa, Milton Basualdo, Matías Sattler, Paolo Tábarez, Lautaro Godoy, Diego Fagúndez. DT: Pablo Vela. Substitutes: Guzmán Núñez, Nahuel Arzaguet, Gastón Núñez, Luciano Trindade.
University: John Burgardt, Facundo Gómez Barrientos, Ángel Maidana, Facundo Correa, Matías Flores, Pablo Sotelo, Marcelo Menoni, Dan Araújo, César Silveira, Gabriel Tavárez, Renzo Rolfo. DT: Emilio Silva. Substitutes: Agustín Carrara, Andrés Tenca.
Changes: P/T. 42 ′ Agustín Parentini by Sattler (SU); S/T 0′ Facundo Rodríguez and Lucas Píriz for Sotelo and Araújo (U); 15′ Franco Silva for Parentini (SU); 30′ Joaquín Jacques and Diego Llama for Rolfo and Maidana (U); 33′ Valentino Da Rosa for Fagundez (SU); 35 ′ Tomas Medina for Tavarez (U).
Goals: P/T. 27′ Fagundez (SU); S/T. 9′ Rolfo (U); 21 ‘P. Tabarez (SU); 31′ Silveira (U); 38 ′ Gómez Barrientos (U).
The best player on the court: Marcelo Menoni.
Salto Uruguay’s best player: Paolo Tabárez.


Stadium: Ernest Dickinson. Public: 150 people. Referee: José De los Santos (6). Assistants: Ivo Moreira and Pablo Almirón.
Arsenal: Federico Noboa, Enzo Albano, Cristian Luna, Heber Martínez, Sergio Cruz, Facundo Gallo, Marco Grassi, Richard Toriani, Gustavo Carballo, Emiliano Maciel, Jorge Echenausi. DT George Noboa. Substitutes: Jonathan Carballo, Leonardo Alvez, Giuliano Blanco, Andrés Da Rosa, Emiliano Gómez.
Ferro Carril: Jony Fleitas, Luciano Gaudín, Juan Coelho, Federico Pereira, Juan Ribero, Diogo Yorio, Martín Sosa, Agustín Panza, Emanuel Lima, Nahuel Machado, Javier Vargas. DT Richard Usuca. Suppl: Guzmán Aranda, Alejandro Cardozo, Braian González, Santiago Ibañez.
Changes: ST. 0′ Alejandro Pintos for Yorio (FC), 23′ Facundo Martínez for Carballo (A), 27′ Diego González and Ezequiel Medina for Sosa and Lima (FC), 37′ Nikolai Bochkariov for Echenausi (A) and 45′ Leonardo Alvez for Rooster (A).
The best player on the court: Emiliano Maciel.
Ferro Carril’s best player: Agustín Panza.

Jump New 1 1 0 0 4 1 3
Salary 1 1 0 0 3 0 3
University 1 1 0 0 3 2 3
Ceiba 1 1 0 0 2 1 3
National 1 1 0 0 1 0 3
Arsenal 1 0 1 0 0 0 1
Railroad 1 0 1 0 0 0 1
Jump Uruguay 1 0 0 1 2 3 0
South America 1 0 0 1 1 2 0
Gladiator 1 0 0 1 0 1 0
Saint Eugene 1 0 0 1 1 4 0
Tank 1 0 0 1 0 3 0

Team 21′ 22′ PJ Prom.
Salary 23 3 12 2,166
Railroad 24 1 12 2,083
University 18 3 12 1,750
Gladiator 20 0 12 1,666
National 15 3 12 1,500
Ceiba 14 3 12 1,416
Jump Uruguay 15 0 12 1,250
The Tank 14 0 12 1,166
South America 12 0 12 1,000
Jump New 9 3 12 1,000
Arsenal 0 1 1 1,000
Saint Eugene — 0 1 0,000

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Universitario beat Salto Uruguay and there were no goals for Ferro and Arsenal | Daily Change