Undefeated craving

The first minutes of the meeting were with Lagomar on in attack, with Argentina’s Paula Reggiardoy Victoria Pereyra as banners, one from the perimeter and the other in the 1 × 1 attacks, even taking out an unsportsmanlike Dolinsky at the beginning of the match. While Macabi, could not string clear attacks and with bad percentages, only 1 field goal in 10 attempts in five minutes. But this product of the great defensive strategy of the Costa team, with a triangle 2; with Evangelina Rolón on Dolinsky and Noelia Pastrana on Joaquina Gregorio. The bad passage of the Maccabees, caused minute requested by Luis Pierri and change of defensive strategy going to a 2-3 zone. But it gave him little profit, as a result of many losses, most of those not forced with a Daiana Cartró, who did not enter the game well. The green took advantage, ran the court and managed to make a difference, which at the end of the first quarter was 11 (20-9).

For the second, Macabi came out with another mentality, stretching the offenses more and with a defensive pressure stretched to the entire court that complicated Lagomar’s departure. But the coast team has that plane that once it turns on the turbine is irrepressible. We are talking about Victoria Pereyra, that each free hole to the rim, no matter how minimal, took it and attacked, achieving the goal or taking the foul, causing once again, that Macabi is in collective in the middle of the quarter. Also, the game in the paint was dominated by another former Maccabi, Selena Medrik. In attack Hebraica managed to close the gap with Ana Paz and D’Alesandro, but every time Pierri’s came, Scarabino’s recovered the distance. But one last play, a blackboard exit between Gregorio, Dolinsky and Paz that culminated with Argentina’s triple to cut it down to 7. The scoreboard dictated that Lagomar won 35 to 28 after the first 20 minutes.

The third quarter once again started with a barbaric energy from both teams, where Macabi scored points after Lagomar’s losses, but could not take advantage of that moment, failing clear trays below the rim. Although the negative point for Maccabi, were the fouls. Loading with 4 fouls early to Natasha Dolinsky, Ana Clara Paz and Martina Mariño. This indicated that Lagomar had everything to go on, but in Macabi the girls appeared, showing their faces for the team, with Antonella Ugolini as the predominant figure, also with the goal to pass for the first time in the game (44-43) . The last minutes of the quarter were a clear goal, with great passages from Joaquina Gregorio in Maccabi. For his part, Lagomar took advantage of Medrik’s post moves. But facing the last boy, Maccabi was winning by 50 to 48.

Hebraica continued marking the game, based on the 2-3 zone that did not allow Lagomar’s team to penetrate and made him shoot three, with very bad percentages, he finished with 3 of 26. While ahead, from the hand of Ugolini and Bergdahl with two important bombs, managed to get the maximum of 8, (56-48) in the absence of seven minutes. The green at times happened to be Pereyra and nothing else, going to the ring and taking fouls to constantly go to the ring and thus tie the game and pass with a double and a foul on Rolón. The last minutes were of a barbarous round trip, with Martína Mariño taking a double and a fundamental foul with one minute to go. But it was not there, in the offensive rebound Ana Paz appeared with another double and a foul to almost close the game. Something that did happen, when once again Antonella Ugolini put it back from 6.75 and thus liquidate the game in favor of Maccabi by 74 to 67 and continue as the only undefeated team in the tournament.