UConn star Azzi Fudd signs contract with Steph Curry brand

SAN FRANCISCO — Stephen Curry has converted to Azzi fudd in his Sister Splash.

Curry is bringing the stellar UConn freshman basketball player to his SC30 Inc. brand in a unique, far-reaching collaboration that will support her successes on and off the court as the nation’s number one pick builds her career. university – a multidimensional contract of name, image and portrait.

Reigning NBA scoring champion with two young daughters, Golden State Warriors Curry has long been dedicated to helping women shine and vowed to do more for the women’s game. In 2018, Fudd participated in Curry’s elite camp as one of two women invited to take part, and she and Curry have continued to strengthen their friendship ever since. Curry also held a girls’ camp that summer.

Fudd’s involvement with SC30 – the athlete-run organization that runs Curry’s off-court business – will also involve much more than just a sponsorship deal.

Curry plans to be the personal mentor to the 5-foot-11 shooting guard from Arlington, Virginia, who played at St. John’s College High School in Washington, DC, as she creates a balance between school, basketball, and the demands of life. be a face for female athletes. He wants to help Fudd show the world who she is through not only her personality and passions but also by providing a platform and financial backing for her to share her values ​​and ideas.

“Azzi Fudd is the best choice to start a brand relationship like this because she is the next face of women’s basketball and has been a part of SC30 Inc. AND the Curry Brand family since she was a guest at Camp All-American. “Curry said.

The two-time NBA MVP and his SC30 team plan to give Fudd direction through professional services and growth opportunities to develop their brand. That will mean opportunities to host and attend events and be part of new brand collaborations, as well as distribute your personal initiatives for social impact and additionally promote and be involved in some of those that Curry and his family are passionate about.

“Our values ​​are aligned in terms of family, and in terms of effort and appreciation of the blessings in your life,” Curry said. “For me, this is the perfect time because I have identified the platforms that I have, aligning purpose over earnings, and the ability to collaborate with the right opportunities. I want to be able to open that up for Azzi, and other talented athletes and influencers who watch. the world the same way I do. It’s my hope that we can inspire the next generation of athletes and non-athletes who want to do amazing things. “

College student-athletes can now receive compensation, and Fudd’s teammate at UConn, Paige Bueckers, received a Gatorade contract on Monday.

For Fudd, as for Curry, this might just be the beginning.

“Since I met Steph at his camp several years ago, I have continued to connect with him and have always admired his incredible talent and accomplishments, but also his humility and the impact he has on people,” said Fudd. “As I continue to focus on becoming the best player and student that I can be while in college, I also aspire to broaden my understanding of business and life beyond basketball. This collaboration with Steph and her SC30 team will help me further. to get that. I’m very excited about everything we will do together in the future. “


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UConn star Azzi Fudd signs contract with Steph Curry brand