UASLP fails by failing to qualify in college basketball

Without taking advantage of the fact that they were local and with the support of their fans, both in the men’s and women’s branches, the representatives of the Autonomous University of San Luis Potosí failed by not being able to advance to the next phase of the CONDDE 2021 National University Basketball Championship.

By not being able to access the next phase, the male pupils of coach Armando Mariscal Mata and the female coach of Reynaldo Basilio Ozuna no longer have to see what remains of the Championship from the stands.

In both branches, victory was required on the third day, but they did not come and the defeat was painful as it was due to a large difference in points corresponding to group F.

Of the men, a victory put them in the quarterfinals, but this did not come and the UASLP fell by a score of 64-80 against the ITESM campus Santa Fe, which dominated the first three periods comfortably and the triumph that qualifies it was booked unbeaten with 3 wins 0 losses, while the hosts made their mark on 2 wins 1 lost.

For the ladies, the UASLP lost by basket of 35-87 before the ITESM campus Toluca, which left its mark in 1 won 2 lost and was eliminated. Their rivals finish undefeated with 3-0 and manage to qualify for the next phase.

And according to all the results of the third day, the 8 teams that qualify for the quarterfinals were in the men’s branch: Autonomous University of Coahuila, ITESM Monterrey campus, UA Chihuahua, UP Bonaterra de Aguascalientes, ITESM Santa Fe campus, ITESM Toluca campus, UNAM and UNLA.

From the female branch: Universidad Anáhuac México Norte, UANL, ITESM campus Toluca, ITESM campus Monterrey, Universidad Anáhuac Querétaro, ITESM campus Guadalajara, Universidad Montrer and Universidad de Celaya.


  • On the weekend the quarterfinals, semifinals and finals of both branches are disputed.

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UASLP fails by failing to qualify in college basketball