Txemi Urtasun returns to the ACB

The afternoon that the family lived this Sunday Urtasun in the Fontajau Pavilion, Girona, will never forget her. Come what may, one of the two twins, Txemi either Alexwas going to get promotion to the Endesa Leaguethe highest category of Spanish basketball.
This time it was Txemi who enjoyed it. He made it with Basketball Girona after beating 60-66 at Movistar Students in the final of the ‘Final Four’, played at the ‘gironins’ fort, who experienced a historic afternoon with a Marc Gasol recovered from his knee pain.
The ’33’ of Girona, who yesterday scored 11 points and grabbed 8 rebounds, founded the entity in 2014 and this was his goal, to reach the highest category. Eight years have passed since he first launched his project, but this season, after leaving the NBA, wanted to return as a player to the club that he presides over. The games went by and the goal seemed to be getting closer, until yesterday it became a reality. He was forty minutes from his dream and the middle of the gasolinedespite having knee discomfort due to a mishap during Saturday’s semifinals, wanted to be present at the date with history.

A story in which Txemi had already entered, who became the player with the highest number of finals played in the Final Four of the LEB Gold League.


The Navarrese did not play his best game in terms of numbers, the first time his shot went over the hoop was in the 7th minute of the fourth period, but it was annulled. In addition, he had to wait until that period to coincide with his brother Álex. It seemed that they were never going to do it, but in the end his family and their friends were able to enjoy several one against one. There the rivalry, the affection, the experience and the years were felt, it was clear that both know each other perfectly.

The last period was the definitive one, it started with 47-58 and with a triple of Javier Beiran. Girona did not know how to score in the first three minutes and Nacho Martin resurrected the Madrid options (52-58). A new three-pointer from Beiran, a free kick from Dee and a basket of Faggiano They lowered the difference to two goals (58-60). The partial was 11-2, until Fjellerup (19) and gasoline (11) stopped the bleeding (58-64). The Girona he recovered his pulse in time to sing a historic victory and return Txemi to the ACB two years later.

Data sheet:
60 – Movistar Students (14+16+17+13): Faggiano (11), Dee (8), Beirán (13), Durisic (4) and Larsen (4) -initial five-; Martín (3), Sola (4), Dos Anjos (7), Urtasun (4) and Arroyo (2).
66 – Basketball Girona (19+15+24+8): Urtasun, Fjellerup (19), Franch (2), Jawara (9) and Gasol (11) -initial five-; Vila (3), Sàbat (9), Vecvagars (13), Stürup and Sorolla.
Referees: Garcia, Zafra and Lopez.
Incidents: Final for promotion to the Endesa League played at the Fontajau pavilion in front of some 5,500 spectators.

Marc Gasol: “Now to enjoy, we’ll see next year”

Marc Gasolpresident and player of the Basketball Girona, avoided commenting on whether he will play with his team in the Endesa League next year after yesterday’s promotion because now he prefers to think only of enjoying what he has achieved after a “very long” season. “Now what we have to do is enjoy ourselves, we’ll see what comes next year, now I don’t want to think about anything else, but to enjoy the moment,” he told reporters after defeating Movistar Students in the final of the phase for promotion, which returns his team to the elite of Spanish basketball.
“We have fought for this objective, in the end, when we have found it, we have been brave, we have played a good level of basketball and people have been pressing, enjoying, suffering and all those feelings that sport transmits and that is the beautiful thing . The first thing is to celebrate it, enjoy it and value it because today’s is very difficult”, summed up the winner of the NBA with the Toronto Raptors.

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Txemi Urtasun returns to the ACB