Transfer to replace Ricky between Lakers and Cavs confirmed

The transfer is agreed. The possibility that Rajon Rondo was presented to him was well seen by the player, who was not being a protagonist in the Lakers not even with so much injury, and it was agreed that he would go to Cleveland, but the other part of the equation remained to be solved. Adrian Wojnarowski (ESPN) confirms that it will be one for another without another exchange, so that second-round choice of the draft that was talked about will not come into play. Denzel Valentine, who also doesn’t count – in his case, for Bickerstaff – at the moment, is the bargaining chip. This will square this move that is being made so that the Cavaliers can fill in the long-term absence of Ricky Rubio, who will not play again this season.

ValentineThe 28-year-old guard is not even an option for the Lakers even if it is his acquisition. The idea of ​​the franchise is to cut it when the transfer is made official to leave that gap free and have more movement options facing the closing of the transfer market, so it is likely that we will see a new movement, even if it is less, in the franchise of the Angels.

Rondo He has gone from being key in the Lakers Ring in 2020 to, despite having the same coach on the bench, becoming residual. He has only entered 18 games and his contribution reaches 3.1 points, 2.7 rebounds and 3.7 assists this season. The Cavaliers will find it great to alternate in the managerial position with Darius Garland, who will be able to absorb the experience of his new teammate as he did with Ricky Rubio when he was healthy.

The outlook continues to be interesting for the Spanish point guard despite the fact that his season ended abruptly and his return is not expected for another seven or eight months. Your contract expires this summer and remains movable before the transfer window closes in February. However, how well El Masnou has matched with his teammates and how positive for the growth of his young stars Garland and Mobley could make the Cavaliers keep him and try to renew him in the summer market, as a free agent, for a price down given the injury. Open options after confirming this transfer in which the two teams achieve their different objectives.

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Transfer to replace Ricky between Lakers and Cavs confirmed