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Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games This is how the Quarterfinal crosses

Concluded the Group Stage after the last day of matches in Group C that left the Argentina classification Y Slovenia’s victory over Spain There was a draw for the Quarter finals as well as the definition of the rest of the semifinals crosses and the Final of the men’s basketball tournament of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. The novelty introduced for this contest has meant that until the last moment a good part of the contestants did not know who they could face in the next instance, thus avoiding that any team could speculate in search of more favorable crosses.

A draw that left several very interesting clashes, especially due to the defeat of Spain, which has complicated its medal options since it will have to cross with the United States in the reunion of the semifinal match of Rio 2016. Meanwhile, Argentina will have to compete against an Australia in top form that arrives undefeated. On the other side of the table, France will have a tough duel against Italy while undefeated Slovenia will do so against Germany.

All matches will be played on Tuesday, August 3.

The Quarterfinal Playoffs (August 3)

  • France versus Italy: 1-0 for Italians in the history of the Games | Hours: 10:20 in Spain, 5:20 in Argentina and 3:00 in CDMX
  • Slovenia vs. Germany: no previous registration | Hours: 3:00 in Spain, 22:00 in Argentina and 20:00 in CDMX
  • Australia vs. Argentina: 1-0 for Argentines in the history of the Games | Hours: 2:00 p.m. from Spain, 9:00 a.m. from Argentina and 7:00 a.m. from CDMX
  • United States against Spain: 11-0 for USA overall and 5-0 in final stages | Hours: 6:40 in Spain, 1:40 in Argentina and 11:40 in CDMX.

Semifinals (August 5)

  • Winner of France vs. Italy against. Winner of Slovenia vs. Germany
  • Winner of Australia vs. Argentina against. Winner of the United States vs. Spain

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