To finish Mamadou on Friday

Larre Borges with two foreigners and the loss of Gastón Semiglia surprised at the start, with Christian Pereira with a wrist on fire pulling the merged cast out of their drowsiness that needed Seoane’s initial grumbling to start defending. With increasing intensity and concentration, he was able to return a 10-0 and pass the score. Pereyra was left open and put in a pair of triples to find a net as a balm to calm the spirits of a crooked start.

But he couldn’t go on. He fell into potholes again that the cast of La Unión took advantage of. In the first 15 minutes of the game, Nieto’s men played better, they lent each other the ball until they found the best shot, which was generally Patita’s on a steady foot (5/7 in triples in the first half). There were also goals in Glenn’s falls and Izarrualde’s audacity to attack the hoop.

The square sin was to be fast in collectives at the beginning of the second, which made him lower the intensity a little bit behind. To this were added errors in the transfer of Izarrualde and losses that Sporting turned into 1×0 goals. With Thomas weighing in and Gibson on quality deluxe tickets, the distance quickly reached double digits for Seoane’s men.

Larre felt the blow. He showed fatigue in the last five minutes and had falls that cost him dearly. Adjusting behind and with a triple by Gibson in the last one, Defensor went 50-40 at the long break.

Complement initiation was complex to observe. Defender missed connections to stretch the lead and the visit usually lost the ball without even shooting. Ottonello from the falls found dividends being vertical. With Zubiaurre and Stephens taking a step forward and a zone defense, Larre threw the reaction on top of the table. Patita regained temperature on his wrist, Nieto’s reached five.

When the nerves of getting his first win began to appear, Mamadou Gueye hit two key bombs. Punctual but definitive contribution. With more patience to move the ball, Seoane’s men reached steady shots with which they sentenced history.

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To finish Mamadou on Friday