Tip to the spa

In the beginning, those from the spa were involved in the defense. By denying reception when they could and by providing good help, they forced Verdi to incur losses. On the other hand, Perdomo sought to generate with penetrations and downloads, involving Newsome. Those of the Cerro improved from the Aguilera reading and the Amichetti bombs. With free games and Dotti assists, from Prussia they consolidated a partial of 9 to 0, to get seven. In those five minutes without goals, on the Coast it rained triples without effectiveness (0/7). Faced with this scenario, Ortega sent a 2-3 zone, leaning on the key. The score from 15 to 8 for the rojiverde, marked what was done by both.

Starting the second, the foreigner and Couñago cut the drought with five goals in just one minute. The kitten was plugged in again, going to the hoop and enabling the pivot. The wind changed, passing Lagomar in front for a double. There the debacle. Bad readings and worse executions. Time passed and no one could put it in. The (few) good shots, they didn’t want to go in either. 7:30 went by to see a field goal, thanks to Newsome who charged the basket with everything. Corbisiero’s triple and Aguilera’s run tipped the balance so that his team went up five at the long break (24-19).

For the complement, the process was even more complicated. In that scheme, the clearest was Dotti, who collaborated to extend the gap to eight. Lagomar’s percentages were still lousy in the outside shot, benefiting from Reque’s posts to reduce to four. Aguilera had a small streak again, to once again distance himself. After Rodríguez’s time, Da Costa with his triplazos and Macanskas, brought him closer to the minimum. Verdi’s ball deliveries continued to give options to the Costa who came from behind to tie. The equality in 33 to enter the last one, reflected the parity between both.

In the decider, Aguilera and Da Costa wanted to raise the level of the evening. All the triples that did not finalize before, Agustín had. Bruni joined in, as if to add a little spice to the closing. Cholaquides answered with the same coin. Even at 42, Dotti kept trying to turn things around on his personal account. Lagomar appealed to post to Cardozo and almost unintentionally, Newsome put the trash back in its place, to open a double. The spa kept the area, Cholaquides being the one who found a hole, cutting along the bottom line. Perdomo with all the time in the world, he hit a very important triple. The same cat was sent on a tray to transform it into a goal and a foul. Four up with 1:15 seemed like a good income. Above, after the minute it took a second for the spa to recover the ball, due to the offensive foul. Cardozo put the free games to expand to six. Despite Verdirrojo’s desperate attempt with no luck, Perdomo’s free men liquidated him. Lagomar won by 55 to 48, to return to the path of victory and keep the lead.