Three NBA teams will not be able to count players without vaccines

The issue of vaccination has sparked all kinds of controversy at the international level. Although it is the most effective immune solution against Covid-19There are those who resist it, generating controversy in public health policies.

In this case, the authorities of some cities in the United States made the decision to make inoculation mandatory in order to attend certain indoor events, and that is up to the parties of the NBA and several of its franchises will have to adapt. The outsiders and the insiders. Sight.

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It is about the Golden state warriors, Brooklyn nets and New York Knicks, that They must have all their staff (players, coaching staff and the like) vaccinated against the coronavirus in order to perform within their stadiums. This is due to the measures imposed by San Francisco and New York, which exceed the provisions of the elitist league, which gave the green light to those who did not want to be inoculated.

Stephen Curry, one of the Warriors figures (AFP photo)

Stephen Curry, one of the Warriors figures (AFP photo)

The governmental measures of these states require the complete vaccination schedule “to be able to enter large events that are held in closed venues, unless they have a medical or religious exemption.” Therefore, the protagonists of basketball games must also comply with the regulations, despite the fact that their union (NBPA) had reached an agreement with the directors.

There are 90% of players vaccinated in the NBA

The vaccination system advanced in a considerate way in American professional sports, so much so that, in the last hours, the prestigious league confirmed that 90% of the players are already vaccinated. However, the remaining portion is already beginning to be alarmed by the sporting and economic consequences that they will carry if they do not undergo the immune process.

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Several basketball players have expressed their disagreement, such as Kyrie irving, of the Nets, or Andrew Wiggins, of the Warriors. “Whoever wants to be vaccinated, should be vaccinated; and whoever does not want to, should not be vaccinated. I make my decisions and decided not to get vaccinated and I don’t see myself doing it unless I am forced to somehowWiggins said at the time.

Wiggins and his 'anti-vaccine' stance (AP Photo)

Wiggins and his ‘anti-vaccine’ stance (AP Photo)

The consequences for those who do not get vaccinated

So what will be done with the case, for example, of the 26-year-old Canadian forward who refuses to appeal? The answer seems simple: if you want to play, you will have to get vaccinated or get one of the exemptions. Otherwise, he would lose $ 360,000 in salary for each game he is absent from, according to ESPN.

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We all understand what is at stake. They are individual decisions that are beyond our control. We support vaccination and the creation of a healthy team “, closed the manager of the Nets franchise, Sean Marks, analyzing the magnitude of the event, less than a month before the start of the season.

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