“This year has been counterproductive”

Malvín overcame Montevideo without stress and maintains his good moment so far in the contest. Sabina Bello spoke with Básquet Total after the end of the game.

“We are quite clear about the objective, which is to maintain intensity in each game that we play and in this match we were able to do it. So we are quite satisfied “, one of the referents began by saying.

Malvín controlled the match from minute one and did not let his rival come into play at any time during the 40 minutes: “We feel comfortable. We are clear that we have to defend hard, regardless of the rival that touches us, because the tournament is very short and we have to make the most of every game. We did well, but we know we have to keep adjusting. We honestly knew that the game was going to take place that way from what we have seen of how the championship is taking place ”.

The jerseys have encouraged and emphasized the defensive front line so far in the contest. Regarding this, Sabina emphasized: “Beyond stealing or not stealing the ball, we know that not all teams are going to allow us so many recoveries. We are clear that we have to defend the 40 minutes and we have a long squad to do it ”.

Bello is an institution within another and one of the many roles she occupies is leading the youngest from the other side of the line. This season he is sharing minutes with his students on the court and about the experience he said: “We are very happy to see all the results that are being achieved, the number of players who have been coming out year after year and it will be more and more difficult to win the place in first, which is partly good, because it helps them to continue. growing and earning the minutes. We never had a roster as complete as this year, but it has its pros and cons, because each one has to win the minutes. But the good thing is that we have a very long rotation and that each one is clear about the roles they have ”.

The parity in the contest makes the League entertaining to date and is one of the most even in recent years. In this regard, Sabina concluded: “As we already know, it is quite even with the tables above and then we are going to have to go through these types of games, which honestly do not seem to me to add up and also, in such a short tournament, it would have been good to do it in a different way than us. allows you to play games more attempts and not have to wait 15 days or 1 month to play a quality game. Now we have to wait, we need to measure ourselves with Lagomar, with Rowers and with Hebraica and Macabi, who we know are the teams that are going to be at the top. We really want to play those games and take advantage of them. That all these games that we played previously with such a difference in points, do not play against us ”.

Before finishing, Bello left his opinion with what has been happening in games where the disparity has been very great: “The reality is that this is a League and it is the most important we have. In it, teams that have been in women’s basketball for 20 years are competing and have a structure, with teams that have just been formed. It seems very important to me that the teams that are added can compete but it seems to me that, as in any sport, there are previous steps to be able to play a Uruguayan Basketball League, that by wanting to add so that the female team continues to grow, we put everyone in the same bag. But this year has been counterproductive and hopefully it will change soon. Teams that want to join, that are just being put together or that do not have a structure, capable that they must take previous steps to compete with teams that are already being professionals ”.