“This team deserves to be in the final four”

Bohemios got a point of vital importance against Lagomar with a great collective work. One of the high points was the Argentine Julia Centurión, who after the game spoke with Básquet Total.

After a streak of uncompetitive matches, the intern faced her first great challenge in our country: “We thought it was Hebraica the first time, but it was suspended and we knew this was our first goal to be among the top four. The key was the attitude we put in from beginning to end, although they got closer, we kept it. The game plan came from start to finish, we worked this all week and it was seen on the court that we worked well ”.

The Marronas in previous competitive matches had used the area as a resource, however, against Lagomar he worked his individual minutes very well: “We will probably use the zonal defense in a game, it is a resource. But today we are working all week so that the legs give the forty minutes of individual. Obviously it is still an option against a team that can score points for us in the paint. But today we are going to individual because we have controlled the painting with Caro (Curbelo) and it happens on the other side. The defensive intensity gives you confidence and attitude to go forward and although the weapons are sometimes not sharp, we will always find Dani (Tovagliari), so we are calm ”.

Julia referred to Carolina Curbelo, with whom she shares paint and makes a dreadful duo at the low post: “Carito (Curbelo), he adapts to whatever you give him. He has a passion, a strength. It goes to any rebound, any ball that is biting is hers, luckily we understand each other very well and it is a key, that between “4” and “5”, they understand each other. She makes everything very easy ”.

Pierina Rossi shone again in a tough match and Centurión, was full of praise for her partner when playing the pick and roll: “I laugh because we had a talk prior to me coming to DT (Gallo), who told me ‘we have a 17-year-old base’ and I saw a game with 25 and I said: ‘where is the 17-year-old base ? ‘ When I arrived it was Pierina. He understands a lot, today I take charge of the offensive, he also did an excellent defensive work. She remained calm, although they were within five, thanks to her who is the one who is the base of the team. Happy that even though she is young, she takes the reins of the team like a grown-up ”.

Defensor Sporting, Aguada, Hebraica Macabi and Remeros is the very tough fixture that the Marronas have left for the end of the regular phase. From what is coming, the Argentine intern made reference: “In the same way that we face this, we are going to face everyone. We increase the intensity of the workouts, we increase the hourly load, each one enters the training knowing what she has to do and what not. You enter training knowing your role perfectly because it is what we train all week. To continue like this, the team is super united, they received me in the best way, it does not seem that we had just three games together (laughs). But from the squad, technicians, the people behind us. We all want the same goal and it is step by step. This team deserves to be in the final four and it will be “

Despite her young age, Julia is not the first time she has left the country and she was encouraged to compare what she found in our environment, with her passages through Chile and Mexico: “There are barbaric players here and it is a lot local. It happened to me in Mexico that there are many more foreigners, many more big girls, because they were retiring from university at 24 years old and were just rookies in the league and I was the experienced team member at 20. Here the girls are fine. they really like how they play, how they are off the pitch, which is very important how we get along, which is excellent. Regardless of how the sports work comes out, I take friends and excellent people with me ”.

Finally he referred to a league loaded with Argentines: “I don’t know if we are very cheap or what (laughs). I have played for or against some Argentine girls, or I know them. But very proud that they bring one of them as Argentine reinforcement, that they have such good views of us. One wants to be at that height, I hope I am the Argentine champion (laughs), but I wish everyone the best ”.