“This is the way to continue growing as a Selection”

Jayson Granger spoke exclusively with Básquet Total, after wearing the blue one again in the Pre-Olympic and giving us back the illusion.

On the feelings he had after the two games, Jayson said that: “It is a mixture of fever and joy, because many people did not expect that Uruguay could compete as equals with European basketball powers, with NBA and Euroleague players. On that side I am happy that we were able to compete, that we had two games to win, but that due to small details they did not fall on our side. This is basketball, sometimes you win and sometimes you learn. We have to keep working, but I think this is the way to continue growing as a National Team ”.

On the possibility of participating in high-level matches, and the selection process, Granger said that: “This is part of a process. You have to learn from this type of game, to play against high-level teams and gain experience for future competitions. I think this is the way to go, things are being done well. Let’s hope that in the next competitions Uruguay can give a good face and win important matches ”.

Regarding extra-sports aspects, such as the trip to Canada, Borsellino’s COVID or Calfani’s injury, Jayson stated that: “What does not kill you makes you stronger. It was a shit about Tito, because he is one of those hearts that unites the team. The truth is that hearing him from behind the door, encouraging us every time we passed through the hall, gave you goose bumps. It makes you sad that a madman with a good heart, with that claw and that humility of working and wanting to help, is going through like this. That affects, but I think the team came together. We played for ourselves and for Tito, because we wanted to leave a good role. They are things that happen, it is something that in this new reality can happen. It is what COVID has, it is something that you cannot control. That made the team united, and that we could fight her even stronger. About Mathi, it’s a bit the same. They are things that happen. You could say bad luck, because he had been playing a barbarous game. You see him crying with frustration, that he is having a bad time, and that infects you to fight her even more. He is the first who wants to be on the court helping. Personally, I have a good relationship with Mathi, and I felt firsthand that he was suffering from it. Obviously we wanted to win for Mathi, for Tito and for all of Uruguay ”.

Regarding the impact generated by the two Pre-Olympic games, Jayson explained that: “I still don’t realize the impact these two games had. Obviously I would have loved to be able to win them. As the hours go by, and with my head a little colder, I will realize it. I have received millions of messages of congratulations on these two games. Personally, it makes me happy to see that an entire country is hooked on TV until two in the morning to see a basketball team, which was unthinkable a few years ago. We are a footballing country, and seeing a game show on national television so that the whole world can see it is something incredible. This is a process, things are beginning to be done very well. It is a path that must be taken step by step. This group of selection has a very nice opportunity that is to be able to get into a World Cup. Hopefully we can get to the 2023 World Cup. We will do everything possible to be able to compete and put our heads in the next World Cup. You have to be proud and happy with the work that was done, but this does not end here. We have to keep going”.