This is the Uruguayan League five dates from the end of the regular phase

With two games ended on Tuesday the dispute of the games that were scheduled for the 21st date of the Uruguayan Basketball League where only the dispute of the match between Olivol Mundial and Peñarol was pending, which was suspended by the judges due to insults from the Olivol fans in a match that was played without visiting fans last Thursday.

Biguá achieved a resounding victory against the leader Goes playing at home by figures of 95-91 and in a game notably played by both teams.

Donald Sims was a scorer with 25 points and Victor Rudd escorted him with 23. Franco Giorgetti had 27 in Goes.

Biguá will play against Aguada on Friday and on Sunday he will travel to Brazil to play the last window of the Champions League Americas.

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In the other match of the night, Trouville beat Capitol end to end on their home court by 109-85.

Miles Bowman Jr. was a figure with 25 points and 12 rebounds. Marcelo Signorelli’s team did not have Tony Mitchell who was cut and entered the match with only two foreigners. Capitol is still sunk in the last position of the tournament.

The cast of the Prado is virtually down. In order to escape, they need to win the five remaining games, that Urunday Universitario only win one and that Olivol Mundial or Hebraica Macabi lose the five that remain to be able to tie them and define by the FIBA ​​system.

Check out the full match stats.

On Monday, Aguada beat Hebraica Macabi 92-90, Malvín clearly defeated an increasingly committed Urunday Universitario 89-73 and Defensor Sporting beat Nacional 73-66. On Friday, Urupan defeated Olimpia 83-75. Peñarol beat Olivol Mundial 61-52 with 3’27” to go.

The other game that is pending is Biguá 90-Trouville 79 (date 20), which has 20 seconds left and the ruling due to the incidents that were generated will be released this Wednesday night.

regular phase PTS pjs PG PP Maximum Minimum
Goes (ranked) 39 twenty-one 18 3 49 44
Biguá (classified) 37 twenty 17 3 49 43
Urupán 37 twenty-one 16 5 47 42
Malvin 33 twenty-one 12 9 43 38
Penarol 32 twenty 12 8 44 38
Watery* 32 twenty-one fifteen 6 42 37
Olympia 30 twenty-one 9 12 40 35
National 29 twenty-one 8 13 39 3. 4
Trouville 29 twenty 9 eleven 41 35
Sporting Defender 29 twenty-one 8 13 39 3. 4
Hebrew Maccabi 28 twenty-one 7 14 38 33
World Olive Tree 27 twenty 7 13 39 33
Urunday University 26 twenty-one 5 16 36 31
capitol 23 twenty-one two 19 33 28
* Started with 4 point removal

These are the matches of the five dates that are missing:

22nd date
Hebraica Macabi Olivol Mundial (Thursday, 8:30 p.m.)
Olimpia Urunday Universitario (Thursday, 9:15 p.m.)
Peñarol Defensor Sporting (Friday, 21.15)
Trouville Malvin (Friday, 9:15 p.m.)
Biguá Aguada (Friday, 9:30 p.m.)
Goes Urupan (Saturday, 8:00 p.m.)
National Capitol
23rd date
Defender Sporting Capitol
Aguada Urupan
Urunday Hebrew University Macabi
Malvin Olivol World Cup
Penarol Bigua
National Goes
Trouville Olympia
24th date
Hebraica Macabi National
Malvin Penarol
Olivo World Goes
Capitol Olympia
Sporting Urunday University Defender
Urupan Bigua
Aguada Trouville
25th date
Goes Malvin
University Urunday Olivol World
Biguá Defender Sporting
Hebrew Maccabi Capitol
Trouville Penarol
National Urupan
26th date
Urupan Hebraica Macabi
Penarol National
Aguada Goes
Olympia Malvin
Capitol University Urunday
Biguá Olivol World
Defender Sporting Trouville

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This is the Uruguayan League five dates from the end of the regular phase