This is the Colombian team that hopes to qualify for the basketball World Cup

The players of the Colombian Basketball team during the last Basketball Americup.

This Tuesday it was announced what will be the way for the Colombian men’s basketball team to qualify for the 2023 World Cup. In Switzerland, the International Basketball Federation, FIBA, carried out the draws for the continental qualifying rounds for the Men’s Basketball World Championship to be held in 2023 in the Philippines, Indonesia and Japan. Colombia met its three rivals in the Americas group.

The draw to define the qualifying groups was held in Switzerland, where the groups from Europe, Africa, Asia and Oceania were also selected. The Americas zone was divided into four groups of four teams each, of which the three best teams from each group will qualify for the second round of qualifying.

In what has to do with the American continent, the 16 participating teams were divided into four groups of four teams where the top three from each zone will qualify for a second round.

This stage of the tournament will have two groups of six teams from which the seven classified for the 2023 World Cup will come out, with three teams from each group passing and a better fourth place that will come out of those two keys.

It is budgeted that the games for the places in the next World Cup begin in the window scheduled from November 22 to 30. The second stage of commitments would be between February 21 and March 1, 2022, while the third is stipulated from July 27 to July 5.

The three classifieds in each group will play a new phase of two zones with six teams each. The best three in each group and the best in the best quarter of the general classification will qualify for the 2023 World Cup to be held in the Philippines, Japan and Indonesia.

In this way the groups were formed:

Group A: Argentina, Venezuela, Panama and Paraguay.

B Group: Brazil, Uruguay, Colombia and Chile.

Group C: Canada, Dominican Republic, Virgin Islands and Bahamas.

Group D: United States, Puerto Rico, Mexico and Cuba.

The qualifying windows will be played from this year until 2023, with dates established as follows:

First window (November 22 – 30).

Second window (February 21 – March 1, 2022).

Third window (June 27 – July 5, 2022)

Fourth window (August 22 – 30, 2022)

Fifth window (November 7 – 15, 2022)

Sixth window (20 – 28 February 2023).