This is how triple shots arose in basketball

The most important basketball in the world is lived in the NBA, which celebrates the beginning of its 2022-2023 season. That is why it is common for many people to start take an interest in the so-called burst sport and want to begin to understand some of its most important concepts.

One of them, and the one that is possibly one of the most popular as it is the one that has become a necessity for all teams, is triple. This offensive device, also called a three-point shot, is a shot to the hoop that is taken behind the perimeter, an elliptical line on the field of play.

It is the field goal that gives the most points in the basketball and that began in the United States, but ended up spreading in international basketball. Any player specializing in triples It is known as triplet. Among the most popular we can mention Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson both of the Golden State Warriors, as well as others like Ray Allen and Reggie Miller (retired) and even James Harden of the Philadelphia 76ers.

How did the triples come about?

This basket has its origins in 1933, when it was sought to counteract the offensive gameor from the inside players (wings, power forwards and centers), whose height benefited them with respect to the outside players (shooting guards and point guards).

Thus, a line was implemented 7.62 meters from the ring, that is, 25 feet. being a longest shot, it was established that its value would be three pointsinstead of the two that were awarded with virtually every other pitch thrown on the floor.

But it was until [1945that the shot was made valid in official competitions, when it was used in an NCAA game between Columbia University and Fordham University. By 1961, it became a official professional league shot.

But it was not until 1945 that it was tested in official competition, in an NCAA game between Columbia and Fordham universities. We would have to wait until 1961, so that a professional leaguethe American Basketball League (ABL), will implement it in its regulations, followed by the Continental Basketball Association (CBA) for its 1963-1964 campaign.

But it was with the American Basketball Association (ABA) that the triple began to become popular as an offensive resource. It was in this competition that the Triple Contest was implemented in the seventies to deal with the NBAwhich implemented the triple until his 1979-1980 season, with Chris Ford, of the Boston Celtics, as the first player in history to score a triple in the so-called Best Basketball in the World (October 12, 1979).

It was not until 1984, after the Los Angeles Olympics, that FIBA accepted the use of the triple for its gameswith which all the foreign leagues were able to take advantage of this offensive resource.

The triple distances

In 1984, FIBA ​​started with 6.25 meters, a distance that was maintained until 2008, when they increased 50 centimeters, although it was authorized until October 2010. The distance in FIBA ​​is 6.75 meters, made up of a front arch and two lines parallel to the lateral lines, with a distance of 90 centimeters from the latter.

The NBA determined two parallel lines on the sides, at the edge of the court, with a distance of 91 centimeters from the band, in addition to 6.70 to the hoop. The curve is 7.25 meters from the rim, this at its highest point.

The WNBA works with a line 6.75 meters from the rim (as in FIBA), but its wings are 91 centimeters as in the NBA.

In the case of NCAA college basketball, all work with the measure of 6.75 meters, but the arc becomes a straight line 1.02m from the sidelines.

Curry the best, O’Neal suffered

After opening the 2022-2023 season with a victory for the Golden State Warriors over the Lakers From Los Angeles, Stephen Curry is the NBA’s all-time leader in triples with 3,121 (considering only the regular season).

Shaquille O’Neal, eighth all-time leading scorer (28 thousand 596 total points) is considered one of the most dominant players in the paint, but he only managed a single triple in his career; in fact, he is known to suffer with his free throws, since medium and long range throws were not his thing.


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This is how triple shots arose in basketball