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He has 12 wins and 3 losses in this instance of the Argentine League. It establishes itself among the best four in the North when it has already passed half of the Regular Phase.

It has 15 games in the Regular Phase, it is one of the teams that has played the most games. With 12 wins and only 3 losses, he occupies the second position, but he knows that this place belongs to Central de Ceres, which has two games less.

He has 13 more ahead of him to then enter the playoffs. Of that amount, seven in the “Nest” and six as visitors. Next weekend he will perform again on Corrientes street, Friday and Sunday to close the five-strong string at his home.

The first four of each Conference rest in the first playoff match; the Falcons managed to get a considerable advantage to the fifth of the positions.

The February Fixture

February 18 – San Isidro vs. Ameghino
February 20 – San Isidro Vs. Jachal de San Juan
February 23 – Colón de Santa Fe Vs. San Isidro

The March Fixture

March 1 – San Isidro vs. Deportivo Norte de Armstrong
March 6 – Parque neighborhood of Córdoba vs. San Isidro
March 8 – San Isidro vs. Rivadavia de Mendoza
March 13 – Independent of Oliva Vs. San Isidro
March 19 – Freedom of Sunchales vs. San Isidro
March 23 – Rivadavia de Mendoza vs. San Isidro
March 25 – Jachal de San Juan vs. San Isidro

The April Fixture

April 1 – San Isidro Vs. Barrio Parque
April 6 – San Isidro vs. Villa San Martin de Resistencia
April 8 – San Isidro Vs. Independent of Oliva

Northern Conference

Independent (OR) 40.0 14 13 one
San Isidro (SF) 38.5 fifteen 12 3
neighborhood park 37.0 fifteen 10 5
CAO Ceres 37.0 13 eleven two
Ameghino 33.0 14 8 6
jump basket 32.5 fifteen 7 8
Liberty 32.0 14 8 6
Villa S. Martin 32.0 14 8 6
Independent 31.0 14 6 8
Sports North 31.0 fifteen 6 9
Rivadavia 30.5 fifteen 7 8
Students (T) 29.5 14 5 9
Jachal 25.5 fifteen two 13
Colon (SF) 24.5 12 two 10
Echague 24.5 fifteen two 13

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This is how it is in the table and what is coming for San Isidro – DiarioSports – San Francisco