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The game started evenly, with determining individualities on each side. At Stockolmo, Danridge was responsible for taking on offense after offense leading the “S”. For his part, Danubio found solutions in the bank that gave him a decisive offensive hand, the entry of both Varela and Andreoli were essential to continue both. Although those of the Prado got to obtain nine of rent; Guido pulled a five-man quintet to respond 8-0. The blue one, with a good closing from Galletto and two good defenses from Arregui, went into the break winning 38-32.

Already at the dawn of the complement, Stockolmo with a partial of 15-0 by the hand of Galletto and Giano opened the maximum of 18 units. Quick transitions, high perimeters from the perimeter and an intelligent defensive reading were the keys to this great passage from the Prado team. But but but, Danubio reacted. More emotionally than basketball. Bombings by Planells, added to a couple of intense defenses, shortened the income that reached 18, so that at the end of the third quarter it was eleven units, 58-47.

When the match seemed to be tilting for Prado, Stockolmo punctured the ball to play with the clock but repeatedly collided with the zone. He went out of his way and Danubio reacted again. Tati Fernández took the icing, put the team on his shoulder and assumed as if he were 36 years old. He burned it. To that was added an offensive lack of control by Stockolmo who did everything to make the strip bring him the match. With one minute left, Tati Fernández tied the game. After this, Danridge took over – as always – and despite the fact that they both made mistakes and did everything possible to lose him, Super Tony put a free kick, and on reload Danubio could not convert. It was a victory for blue, in final figures 67-66.