Thinking of retirement? The new update on Kyrie Irving that scares the Nets


Kyrie Irving’s novel with the Brooklyn Nets, the NBA and his decision not to get vaccinated reaches a new chapter where the rumors are more extreme than ever.

Kyrie Irving.


© Getty ImagesKyrie Irving.

The expectations of the Brooklyn nets for the 2021-22 season of the NBA they are to win the championship, or to fail in the attempt. However, for Kevin Durant, James harden and company, the biggest obstacle thus far seems to be his own partner Kyrie irving.

The base’s drama centers on his denial of the vaccine against Coronavirus due to their beliefs and mistrust in it. This means that the player cannot participate in the games in cities and states where the laws do not allow the unvaccinated to play sports. One of them is New York, so he would miss half of the total home games played at the Barclays Center.

Although the city of New York recently determined that the HSS Training Center, the Brooklyn Nets training ground, is a private office building, so Kyrie irving you can train together with the team, there is still not able to participate in the home games, and that implies a great inconvenience for all.

Kyrie Irving would analyze retirement if they transfer him

Now, the journalist Marc Stein indicated on his site that If Brooklyn wanted to trade Irving, the star would seriously consider retiring from the NBA. And the rumors about a trade between Nets and 76ers to trade Irving with Ben simmons have been on the rise because of their logic on paper, but according to Stein’s sources, that’s unlikely because Uncle drew would stop basketball to move to another franchise.

“There is a belief in some corners of the league that Irving would withdraw, or at least consider it deeply, if Brooklyn suddenly trades him. The 29-year-old is a challenge to handle even in his prime and can be a free agent as soon as this summer if he decides to decline his lucrative player option for 2022-23. Let’s forget how awesome it would be to add Simmons dynamics and defense in Brooklyn, does this sound like a drinkable solution for Philly? “Stein wrote.

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