They separated a Deportivo Roca basketball coach accused of abuse against a student

The Deportivo Roca club decided to set aside in the last hours a basketball coach accused of sexual abuse against one of her students in the formative categories.

The news fell like a bomb for the Orange leadership, which had been going through a similar situation with the complaint against former coach Guido Gadañoto, who was finally sentenced to effective prison by the Justice of the province.

Until now This new fact did not lead to a legal complaint by the victim’s family, nor by the club, since it would have occurred outside the club’s facilities, and in a private instance situation.

As soon as the adolescent’s family spoke with the club authorities, President Gustavo López himself preventedly separated the coach from the function and began a series of interviews with the families of the team members and also with the defendant.

After two days of talks, López, together with the club’s leadership, decided Definitively separate the coach, who is of legal age, worked as an assistant to the main coach and had joined the institution a few months ago.

“As soon as we become aware of the situation, we act immediately. We preventively separate the coach, begin a series of interviews and quickly make the decision to definitively dispose of the institution’s coach.n. We told him that he could not participate in any activity, such as some training session, nor could he come to watch games, “López reported.

The leader commented that “The player’s family was very grateful for the quick performance of the club. We will continue working so that these situations do not occur again in the institution.”

This fact adds to the complaint of sexual abuse against former basketball coach Gadañoto, who in early June was found guilty of sexually abusing a 13-year-old student and sentenced to 6 years and 9 months in prison.

A court found that Gadañoto was responsible for “Sexual abuse by taking advantage of the sexual inexperience of the victim, aggravated by having been committed by the person in charge of education and by resulting in serious damage to the mental health of the victim.”

Although the challenge court upheld the ruling, cs the sentence is not yet final, the man remains at liberty.

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They separated a Deportivo Roca basketball coach accused of abuse against a student