“They did not give us candidates, but today we shot down one”

Marne beat a team that was armed to fight for promotion on the road debut. The typhoon had no mercy and defeated Auriblanco, Mauro Domínguez was one of the figures, he spoke with Básquet Total.

Asked about the key to victory against a rival who was previously superior: “The key was to defend, we are a team that cannot give anything away, forward the coach gives us the confidence to shoot and luckily they entered. I’m happy for the team and personally it was a dream night ”.

Auriblanco closed in the zone, but Marne had a beastly night from 6.75 that helped him to cancel that defense completely, in addition the typhoon closed the door of his hoop, with a great defense stationed in the 5 × 5: “It is what has the pressure, if we shoot in a hurry and we miss, we run and the easy goals come. Luckily in the second half we were able to keep it up and they didn’t reach the basket as much. In attack we knew that in a moment they were going to enter, and luckily almost all of them entered ”.

Marne didn’t arm himself to be a candidate for promotion, but he has interesting names on the roster. Asked how far the team can go after the first game was printed, Domínguez said: “The first objective as a team is to add experience each one, because we all come to look for minutes. After entering the playoffs obviously, any player wants to reach that stage. Time will tell, but if we make it to the playoffs, in the kill-kill anyone can beat anyone. They did not give us as candidates, but today we knocked down one (Auriblanco) who armed himself to go up ”.

Asked about how he felt personally after the truncated year due to the pandemic where he could not play at any club, he said: “Without a doubt I am very happy, everything that I trained in this time was given. Undoubtedly, the pandemic killed many players, I had to have a strong head and continue training. Today we saw the results of those training sessions, we hope they continue to take place in the championship ”.

On how difficult it was not being able to play for a year, he said: “When you turn 23 and you stop being U-23 in a league table, honestly at times I thought about giving up playing basketball, one of those who gave me the most was my friend Gastón Semiglia, so that he would not stop, I had the chance to go to Mercedes, but I decided to stay in Montevideo to add more experience and for the results to come alone ”.

Finally, he spoke about his feelings in the Marne team: “I am speechless with the club, they always give you forward, within the humble box that it is, believe me that it has a giant heart and that is reflected on the field pulling all together, celebrating the attacks, the defenses and if one errs it doesn’t matter, he always keeps going, I’m happy in Marne ”.

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“They did not give us candidates, but today we shot down one”