They denounce that there was discrimination against children in a basketball game in Salta | They repudiated “discriminatory and class insults”

The Villa Soledad Neighborhood Center Basketball School issued a statement denouncing and repudiating “Discriminatory and classist insults” by leaders and also parents of El Tribuno Básquet during a match of the U13 category of the Closing Tournament of the Salteña Men’s Basketball Association.

The INADI head, Gustavo Farqhuarson He deemed the events regrettable and stated that they advised trainers from the agency to carry out the complaint

In the statement, the Villa Soledad Basketball School, denounces that leaders and some fathers and mothers of the fans of the El Tribuno team tried to “shit villagers and dirty shit” to the children of their team who are between 10 and 13 years.

“What has happened is a very serious thing, especially considering that everything happens in a children’s competition. We cannot overlook this in a boys’ tournament, under 13 years old. There are children who did not want to play again at the resumption of the game, they got bad. The referee called out the people involved in the matter. It is not the first time it happens. We already had comments that they came up with this behavior with other clubs. Villa Soledad is not going to let this situation go by, these people are misplaced, ”said the Secretary of the Neighborhood Center, José Gomez a Salta / 12. that at the time of the incident he had gone out to buy water and when he returned there was already a conflict and he heard that in the tumult from the opposing club’s rostrum they were called “shitty niggers.”

Gómez reproached the attitude of the leaders of the El Tribuno club team, although he stressed that not all the fathers and mothers acted in the same way and that some even apologized.

The arbitrators F. Díaz and A. Choque, presented a report on October 25 to the Disciplinary Court of the Salteña Men’s Basketball Association, which accounts for this situation. There they mentioned to Levy and Tolaba that they would be parents of boys who play in the neighborhood club El Tribuno and the president of the institution Roman Caxal and another leader, Mario Zerpa.

“It is important to emphasize that the category U13 They are children who do not deserve such a show and above all there are repeat offenders in their behavior. These behaviors influence, the child pays attention to these factors and is infected with the negative euphoria that the platform transmits, ”the referees stated in the letter.

Salta / 12 consulted with a secretary of the Association but there was no response regarding the treatment they are giving to this report from the referees. Gomez said he spoke with the president of the institution and promised to hold a meeting next Monday.

The referees detailed that the conflict began when in the last quarter with 7:45 minutes still on the clock of the children’s game, a visiting player committed an unsportsmanlike foul, by hanging on to a local team player who was hitting to introduce the ball into the basket. The local player responds by saying what’s wrong with you gil ?. “This situation is controlled quickly without more than what happened,” they indicated and applied the sanction for the technical foul. “At the moment from the rostrum where the visiting party was listening to Mr. Levy (father of a player): ‘They are villagers, dirty as shit,'” the report said.

Faced with these expressions, according to a report, the coach of the local team reacted Sebastian Romero entering until the middle of the court insulting and inviting him to fight. After which several supporters were added with disqualifying, homophobic and racist insults.

When this violent situation happened for the children, generated by adults, the game could continue, “with total calm and tranquility” on their part, “ended in regular time tied playing and ending in extra time, giving the visiting team the winner. ”, Díaz y Choque detailed in their report.

“We are a humble club, with many shortcomings and limitations, but we are never going to allow our players to be degraded in this way just because, according to them, they are of a lower social class, so we have already started the corresponding procedures before the National Institute against Discrimination, Xenophobia and Racism (INADI), ”said the statement from the Villa Soledad Basketball School.

Coach Sebastian Romero He said that they will make a complaint from the Villa Soledad neighborhood center and also parents and other relatives would make other individual complaints before INADI. He argued that before the report presented by the referees to the court of discipline of the Basketball Association, “we hope it is some exemplary measure.”

Romero acknowledged that he reacted badly to the situation. “I regret it, I gave my boys a bad image, I couldn’t allow them to say those things to them. I’m sure I’m going to be sanctioned and it’s the right thing to do, ”he said. “I have my son who plays on the squad although at that time he was in the stands. As a father, coach and person, I felt offended by what (Levi) said to the boys, it is inconceivable, “said Romero.

Romero said that “it is something that must be eradicated, they are bordering on racism, discrimination.” He affirmed that he received many messages from teachers, parents of other clubs and from the Basketball Coaches Association showing solidarity with the Villa Soledad team.

“The group of teachers has already communicated with us. We have been advising them. The forms to make the complaint were provided to them, the incumbencies of INADI were explained to them. This situation corresponds to discriminatory practices that we often see in our society. Neighborhood clubs are not alien, there are these acts of discrimination against historically violated groups, in this case that vocabulary about boys and girls was used, ”he said. Gustavo Farquharson, the head of the local office of INADI to Salta / 12. The official judged what happened as regrettable.

“It is important that the complaint be made to make the discriminatory practice in sports areas visible,” said the head of INADI. He considered that it is necessary to carry out sustained social work to change “conceptions and vocabularies”. “We do not have sanctioning power,” he clarified. He specified that the body can issue itself regarding whether or not there was a discriminatory act and this can be useful if another complaint is made in court. He recalled that the offending code of the province sanctions discriminatory acts for socio-economic reasons, gender or skin color.

Farquharson pointed out the responsibility of adults: parents, guardians, leaders, in terms of respect and the example they should set for children. He considered that in society there is a lot of intolerance, and an activity that should be leisure and joy ends up being violent.

Finally, Farquharson said that they want to replicate activities that were carried out in Buenos Aires from INADI, training in non-discriminatory practices with sports clubs and include leaders, families, and neighborhoods. He expressed that they hope to articulate with the province’s sports secretariat.


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They denounce that there was discrimination against children in a basketball game in Salta | They repudiated “discriminatory and class insults”