They capture Luka Doncic in an alleged party with alcohol, without social distancing, in the Olympic Village

They capture Luka Doncic in an alleged party with alcohol

The Spanish basketball player, Cristina Ouviña, published a series of images that were later deleted showing the Slovenian Luka Doncic without a mask in close proximity with other players

The Slovenian basketball player, and superstar of the Dallas mavericks, was caught at an alleged party at the Olympic village That included a lot of alcohol, little social distancing, and zero face masks.

According to several Spanish media reports, the basketball player from Spain, Cristina Ouviña posted several images among his Instagram stories that quickly began circulating on social media, showing Doncic and other players from Slovenia in the middle of what looks like a party at the Olympic village.

According to various reports, some basketball players were also present, including the Spanish Juancho Hernangómez of the Minnesota Timberwolves, who did not receive authorization from his team to participate in the Olympic Joust.

The images have already been deleted from the Instagram account of Ouviña.

Although it is unknown exactly when the meeting could have occurred, the images were revealed on the day the city of Tokyo reported a new record of infections by COVID-192,848, the highest amount for a day in the Japanese capital to date, according to an EFE report.

Two days ago, the spokesman for the International Olympic Committee, Mark Adams, insisted that “there is no relaxation” regarding health and safety protocols in Tokyo 2020.

The Tokyo 2020 Olympics have been harshly criticized, especially within Japan, for being held in the middle of a pandemic, despite the fact that its celebration was delayed a year due to the COVID-19.

Doncic debuted in the Games of Tokyo brilliantly, scoring 48 points in the victory of Slovenia against Argentina.