” There are stages that are fulfilled ”

09.09 | Nac. And Int. Basketball

Sergio Hernández, stopped being the DT of the Selection. They were 12 years as head coach (2005-2010 and 2015-2021) and one as assistant (2012), marking an era and leaving a deep mark on two different layers of players.

“I’m leaving happy and calm. A stage has been completed and I feel that a new coach must start another,” said Sergio Hernández, who received a great thank you from Fabián Borro, the president of the CAB. “Sergio’s departure is a see you later and not a final goodbye. These coaches that we have had in this virtuous circuit of Argentine basketball, which Horacio Muratore started more than 25 years ago, will always be linked and close to the CAB, together with the players, professionals and leaders, because the National Team is above all “.

Fabián Borro, president of the Argentine Confederation, broke the ice in the meeting with Sergio Hernández that ended the cycle of the Bahian in the Senior National Team and, above all, served to thank him for the majestic task for more than a decade. As a way of doing it, on behalf of the entire national basketball, the manager gave him an Argentine shirt, with No. 1 and the coach’s name on the back, which Oveja accepted with a smile and even a hint of emotion. No wonder: it’s 12 years as head coach (2005-2010 and 2015-2021) and one as assistant (2012), marking an era and leaving a deep mark on two different layers of players.

“Sergio adapted very well to each time: he kept the Golden Generation in the elite, winning up to an Olympic medal, and then he strengthened the new one that we enjoy today, with that world runner-up in China that excited us so much,” Borro said.

But both parties, in this case, agreed that it was best to take different paths, after Hernández directed his third Olympic Game days ago (he has another as an assistant). “I’m leaving happy and calm. I enjoyed it a lot but it seems to me that there are times when there are stages that are fulfilled. And it is time for a new process to begin, I sincerely believe it. I don’t have so many reasons to leave the National Team, but always my career I had the intuition of when to stop and start something new. And following it is something that has given me results. Today I feel that I have to take another path and that a new coach must begin a new stage in the National Team “, explained the person leaving the position with the largest number of official matches in history (116) and the best percentage of triumphs (72.4%, with a record of 84 and 32), in addition to an Olympic medal -bronze- and another Pan-American-gold-.

“This is not traumatic at all because here the important thing is the National Team, it is not me. And the National Team belongs to no one. Actually it belongs to everyone and that is the feeling that should prevail. We are all here to make Argentine basketball bigger, Each one from his place. I am leaving the position of national coach, but I will continue in another. So, I do not consider myself that I am leaving. I will continue to be part of something bigger, of which I am only a small piece. Luckily we have very good coaches and I will be at the disposal of the one who arrives, so that the successor has the tools and a base from which to start, “concluded who directed three World Cups and today is the second-highest winner in history (record of 21-5 ), behind American Mike Krzyzewski.

Borro, to close, extended his gratitude with words: “We will always be grateful to him for his enormous work. Since we took office we accompanied him and each time we quickly agreed. First we extended the contract to Tokyo, when the Games were postponed we returned to To do so, at the moment that Sergio had the great opportunity to direct in Spain, we released him and, at the end of his commitment, we resumed the agreement to complete the Olympic cycle. Now a new challenge opens up for him and for us, seeking keep Argentine basketball in the world elite “, he completed.