The women’s basketball of the 2021 Araucanía Games will be played with the public

Magallanes begins the countdown to the start of the 2021 Araucanía Games, which this year, due to the health contingency, will be held only with Chilean delegations and where the regions of Ñuble, Bíobío, Aysén, Araucanía, Los Lagos will meet , Los Ríos, and Magallanes.

Next Wednesday, October 27, starting at 8:00, the traditional competition will begin and our region will be in charge of giving the go with the performance of women’s basketball, a discipline that will be played at the Fiscal Gymnasium of Punta Arenas with a capacity for the public of 170 people.

Admission to this traditional sporting event will be free and in order of arrival until the capacity allowed in the competition protocol is completed. In addition, attendees, who will be located on the second floor of the venue, must present an enabled mobility pass and identity card.

“We want to invite all Magellanic to attend the 2021 Araucanía Games. It is a very important milestone for the region to be in charge of inaugurating this competition, which returns after a year absent due to the health situation, and it is a demonstration that , respecting the sanitary measures, we can resume sports activity and competitions ”, said the Seremi del Deporte, Odette Callahan.

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In addition, he added that “the invitation is to attend the Fiscal Gymnasium to witness the women’s basketball matches that will take place in the region and to respect the measures imposed for this event, where all attendees will be required, for example, enabled mobility pass, identity card, use of a mask in the enclosure, and temperature measurement ”.

The matches of the Magallanes women’s team will begin on October 27 at 12:00 hours, when they face the Araucanía region. Meanwhile, that same day at 6:00 p.m., the Ríos region will be measured

Then, after the free day on October 28, the locals will return to the field on Friday, October 29, facing Los Lagos, from 08:00 hours, while, in the afternoon, from 20:00 hours , will play against Bíobío. Finally, for the closing day, scheduled for October 30, the Magellan national team will be measured against Ñuble (10:00 am) and Aysén (4:00 pm).

Women’s basketball schedule Araucanía Games 2021

Wednesday October 27 Hour Enclosure
p1 Aysén v / s Ñuble 8:00 Fiscal Gym
p2 The rivers v / s Biobio 10:00 Fiscal Gym
p3 Araucania v / s Magellan 12:00 Fiscal Gym
Free region of Los Lagos
p4 Biobio v / s The lakes 16:00 Fiscal Gym
p5 Magellan v / s The rivers 18:00 Fiscal Gym
p6 Ñuble v / s Araucania 20:00 Fiscal Gym
Free region of Aysén
Thursday October 28 hour Enclosure
p7 The lakes v / s Aysén 8:00 Fiscal Gym
p8 The rivers v / s Araucania 10:00 Fiscal Gym
p9 Biobio v / s Ñuble 12:00 Fiscal Gym
Free region of Magallanes
Opening of the Araucanía Games 2021 19:00
Friday October 29 hour Enclosure
p10 The lakes v / s Magellan 8:00 Fiscal Gym
p11 The rivers v / s Ñuble 10:00 Fiscal Gym
p12 Araucania v / s Aysén 12:00 Fiscal Gym
Free Biobío region
p13 Ñuble v / s The lakes 16:00 Fiscal Gym
p14 Aysén v / s The rivers 18:00 Fiscal Gym
p15 Magellan v / s Biobio 20:00 Fiscal Gym
free Araucanía region
Saturday October 30 hour Enclosure
p16 Aysén v / s Biobio 8:00 Fiscal Gym
p17 Ñuble v / s Magellan 10:00 Fiscal Gym
p18 Araucania v / s The lakes 12:00 Fiscal Gym
Free region of the Rivers
p19 Magellan v / s Aysén 16:00 Fiscal Gym
p20 The lakes v / s The rivers 18:00 Fiscal Gym
p21 Biobio v / s Araucania 20:00 Fiscal Gym
Free region of Ñuble
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The women’s basketball of the 2021 Araucanía Games will be played with the public