The Warriors Revolution 2.0

Coach Kerr said this week that the Warriors’ mentality

We better prepare our eyes, because the Warriors They are ready to change basketball again as they did in the past decade, lengthening it even further, with additions to their roster that make them a more open team with a greater desire to shoot from afar.

In their first preseason game they tried no less than 69 triples, almost double that of their rival (Portland), a rude offensive volume that makes it very clear to us where they are going. Steve Kerr this campaign.

It was not an instruction in the game plan, but a consequence of the tools they have, that is, of having a group of intelligent players, able to pass, shared and, of course, capable of putting percentages. useful from a distance, except in cases like Kevin looney, which takes care of other functions.

Jordan poole he’s called to step forward in his third year and has been the team’s leading scorer in his opening two games, hitting eight 3-pointers; Nemanja Bjelica He is a modern center who shines for his ability to space the court and goes five of eight from the perimeter in the pair of games; then there are Bradley, Porter Jr, and Iguodala, each with plenty of confidence to do their thing; without us needing to write about Curry and Wiggins in this paragraph.

Connoisseurs of the game will know that this is only possible because of the defensive approach with which he plays. Golden state under the control of Kerr, the engine that drives them to a high voltage basketball, which this year promises to be even more possessions, in light of the ease they have to find spaces in a perimeter in which all, or almost all, they can shoot in the first or second unit.

It will be necessary to add that Steph curry comes off one of the hottest seasons of his career with 32 points per game, which lets us see the level of his game through that deadly combination of talent-maturity-hunger, being the leader of the offense under normal conditions and your savior in extraordinary condition.

Coach Kerr said this week that the mentality of Warriors It will be chasing victories throughout the calendar, and it shows that they are in a hurry since the preseason, so I would not be surprised if they finish the first month installed in the top three in pace of play and in the top five in offensive efficiency.

I purposely left the topic that everyone is thinking about until the end, Klay Thompson. His return is expected in December after 30 months away, and although he himself has indicated that he will need patience to play “the best basketball of his life” again, his addition for the second half of the season will only make this team broader. , with which I maintain the idea that the Warriors they are going to stretch the limits, again, of how it is pulled in this sport.