The Uruguayan League classic is played and this is the security operation

The Uruguayan Basketball League continues this Friday with the classic duel between National Y Penarol for the 13th date. Aurinegros and tricolores will be measured from the 19 hours in the gym Athletic Union Club with only tenant public, an issue agreed by the clubs.

Despite the fact that the Peñarol-Olimpia and Nacional-Urunday games had been suspended on Tuesday, to which Aguada-Malvín and Olivol Mundial- Defensor Sporting were added on Thursday due to the conditions of the stage that worsened due to the rains, the classic will continue its course .

Sources from the Uruguayan Basketball Federation told Ovation that the duel will not be suspended before, but it could be postponed in case it rains massively at the time of the show.

For this duel, the National Police established a security operation that will begin at 5:00 p.m. and in which more than 65 troops will participate.

vehicle exclusion

For the game, a vehicle exclusion zone will be established around the field, which will be between the streets Verdi Y Santiago de Anca, Columbus Y the Republic of Chile.

pedestrian exclusion

Pedestrian exclusion will be on the street Verdi Come in amsterdam Y Santiago de Anca. At the same time, disorder prevention and control patrolling will be arranged.

Neighbors living within the exclusion zone will be able to enter the zone.

Income of the fans designated by the Ministry.
Income designated by the Ministry of the Interior.

It is estimated that by 10 pm the police operation and the exclusion zone will end.

What about the rest of the encounters?

Over the next few hours it will be decided if the duels agreed for 9:15 p.m. between Urunday Universitario and Biguá, Goes-Olimpia, Capitol-Urupan and Olivol Mundial-Defensor Sporting will take place.

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The Uruguayan League classic is played and this is the security operation