The Uruguayan Basketball League kicks off this Monday: look at the teams and schedules of the first date

The dispute of the 19th edition of the Uruguayan Basketball League in which Biguá comes out to defend his title, in which Pablo López returns to technical leadership and in which Aguada starts as a firm candidate due to the composition of his squad.

Biguá kept his national chips after being champion of the 2021 League that had an abbreviated edition as a result of the coronavirus pandemic that stretched the outcome of the 2019-2020 League until February 2021. Also follow who was the best player of the tournament, the American Donald Sims.

In place of Victor Rudd, who will return when his season in Puerto Rico ends, there will be an acquaintance of the house: Anthony Johnson. The substantial change occurred with the arrival of João Vitor França, a 2.15-meter, 22-year-old Brazilian center, by the experienced Hatila Passos.

The coach will be Diego Cal, former Capitol, instead of Argentine Hernán Laginestra.

Surprisingly eliminated in 2021 by Capitol in the quarterfinals, Aguada returns to the ring with the badge of the favorite to try to recover the title he achieved in 2018-2019 with Miguel Volcan as coach and 2019-2020 by the hand of Argentine Adrián Capelli.

Just as Biguá managed to repatriate Santiago “Pepo” Vidal in the last tournament and build his championship from there, Aguada made a great bet for Mathías Calfani who returns to Uruguay after playing two seasons in Japan.

The rojiverde, who will turn 100 next year, kept Federico Bavosi, Leandro García Morales, Federico Pereiras and Sebastián Izaguirre but did without Mateo Sarni to add Calfani. Regarding foreigners, he made a total renovation: Dwayne Davis, Al Thornton and Lee Roberts will no longer be there and in their place came the Argentine forward Marcos Mata, the American point guard Tyreek Duren and the pivot of that same nationality, Jarvis Varnado, who was hired after the arrival of the British fell. Prince Ibeh, defender of the Rwanda national team.

The coach will be the Venezuelan of Uruguayan parents Daniel Seoane, former technical assistant of Argentine Néstor “Che” García.

The League 2021-2022 has a very special seasoning: the return to technical leadership of Pablo López, after finishing a long and successful cycle with Malvín, which led him to win five leagues (record). After losing in the quarterfinals of the 2019-2020 League against Urunday Universitario, Malvín and López parted ways and DT returns as Peñarol’s coach instead of Edgardo Kogan.

Pablo López, an important return

Peñarol lost Gustavo “Panchi” Barrera who went to Defensor Sporting and also suffered the retirement of Nicolás Mazzarino. He was reinforced with Martín Aguilera and Diego Soarez and in matters of foreigners he opted for the former Aguada Lee Roberts. He could not have Puerto Rican David Huertas again and hired former NBA DeAndre Liggins, forward.

Nacional, finalist of the last season and semifinalist of the previous three tournaments, lost three important players: Carlos Cabezas returned to Spain and retired, Marcel Souberbielle broke his ligaments in full definition of the 2021 League and Esteban Batista went to Hebraica Macabi. The team opted for Mauro Zubiaurre and Emiliano Bastón and their chances will depend a lot on the team chemistry achieved by Leonardo Zylbersztein, a coach who always plays the protagonist.

Paulo Petkoff Fotografias 7905

Batista already played in Hebraica Macabi in the playoffs of the 2019-2020 season

Macabi will be directed by former Trouville Germán Fernández and was also reinforced by Miguel Barriola.

Olimpia, in the fourth season with Gerardo Jauri as coach, will undoubtedly be another of the animators of a tournament that will have two newcomers: Olivol Mundial and Urupán.

Goes put together a very interesting squad by keeping the brothers Martín and Joaquín Osimani and Fernando Martínez adding two of the sub 23 who may have more prominence: Nahuel Lemos and Ignacio Xavier. The Argentine Franco Giorgetti also stayed and the Venezuelan Néstor Colmenares, a great figure of Trouville vice-champion in 2015, joined. The missionary will have the other foreign coach, Argentine Guillermo Narvarte, for the second consecutive season.

The other that has a sub 23 who will be the protagonist is Malvín with Nicola Pomoli. Federico Camiña’s team’s first goal is to get into the top eight and then try to move to the semis, as Defensor Sporting.

When it comes to youth, Trouville continues with its home players betting on repeating its remarkable 2019-2020 season (finalist). Marcelo Signorelli will be the coach on his return to the courts after being dismissed from the Uruguay national team in the final stretch of the Qualifiers for the 2019 World Cup in China.


Marcelo Signorelli will direct Trouville

These are, club by club, all the protagonists that the contest will have.



Leandro García Morales and Aguada go for revenge

Older files: Federico Bavosi, Federico Pereiras, Leandro García Morales, Mathías Calfani and Sebastián Izaguirre.
Unnamed chips: Tyreek Duren (American), Marcos Mata (Argentine), and Jarvis Varnado (American).
Coach: Daniel Seoane.



Donald Sims, figure of Biguá marked by Pierino Rusch

Older files: Santiago Vidal, Iván Loriente, Alex López, Diego Pena García and Martín Rojas.
Unnamed chips: Donald Sims (American), João Vitor França (Brazilian) and Anthony Jhonson (American, temporarily by Victor Rudd).
Coach: Diego Cal.


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Davaunta Thomas played at a high level in the 2021 League

Older files: Martín Perdomo, Claudio Bascou, Demian Álvarez, Juan Wenzel and Nahuel Amicchetti.
Unnamed Tokens: Davaunta Thomas (American), Paul Harrison (American) and Jhon Dickson (American).
Coach: Nicolás Arregui.

Defender Sporting


Marcos Cabot, leader and figure of Defensor Sporting

Older files: Marcos Cabot, Gustavo Barrera, Alejandro Acosta, Gonzalo Álvarez and Fernando Verrone.
Unnamed records: Leonardo Lema (Argentine), Ignacio Alessio (Argentine) and Damián Tintorelli (Argentine).
Coach: Álvaro Tito.



Fernando Martínez, one more season at Goes

Older files: Joaquín Osimani, Martín Osimani, Fernando Martínez and Mauricio Arregui.
Unnamed records: Franco Giorgetti (Argentine), Jonathan Ocasio (American) and Néstor Colmenares (Venezuelan).
Coach: Guillermo Narvarte (Argentine).

Hebraica Maccabi


Gastón Semiglia, the trigger of Maccabi

Older files: Juan Andrés Galletto, Facundo Terra, Miguel Barriola, Gastón Semiglia and Esteban Batista.
Unnamed Tokens: Gokul Natesan (American), Gerard Devaughn (American), and Billy White (American).
Coach: Germán Fernández.


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Kiril Wachsmann, banner of Malvín

Older files: Juan Santiso, Federico Haller, Fausto Pomoli and Kiril Wachsmann.
Unnamed Chips: Emmitt Holt (American), Josh Wise (American) and Anthony Hilliard (American).
Coach: Federico Camiña.



Santiago Moglia, triples insured for Nacional

Older files: Miguel Romero, Santiago Moglia, Mauro Zubiaurre, Emiliano Bastón and Jonathan Sacco.
Unnamed Tokens: Charles Hinkle (American), Quincy Miller (American) and Johndre Jefferson (American),.
Coach: Leonardo Zylbersztein.



Brian García, explosion and goal in Olimpia

Older files: Abel Agarbado, Juan Viana, Brian García, Nicolás Catalá and Pablo Macanskas.
Unnamed chips: Iván Basualdo (Argentine), Charlie Marquardt (American) and Marvin Phillips (American).
Coach: Gerardo Jauri.

Olivol World


Diego Álvarez, base of a historic Olivol Mundial

Older files: Diego Álvarez, Santiago Wohlwend, Ángel Varela, Christian Pereira and Alfonso Arrillaga.
Unnamed chips: Tony Danridge (American), Justin Pierce (American) and Pedro Ianguas (Brazilian arrived instead of Torin Washington, American who tested positive for covid-19.
Coach: Gonzalo Fernández.


WhatsApp Image 2021 05 27 at 20.11.29 (2)

Diego García, base of Peñarol

Older files: Diego García, Salvador Zanotta, Nicolás Borsellino, Martín Aguilera and Diego Soarez.
Unnamed Chips: DeAndre Liggins (American), Lee Roberts (American) and John Flowers (American).
Coach: Pablo López.



Manuel Mayora broke it in Trouville 2019-2020

Older files: Manuel Mayora, Federico Soto, Gonzalo Iglesias and Santiago Massa.
Unnamed Tokens: Kenechukwu Chukwuka (Swedish) and Cooner Toolson (American).
Coach: Marcelo Signorelli.

Urunday University

WhatsApp Image 2021 05 27 at 20.11.30 (1)

Facundo Medina, goal scorer for Urunday Universitario

Older files: Germán Silvarrey, Agustín Da Costa, Andrés Dotti, Facundo Medina and Nicolás Delgado.
Unnamed chips: Justin Jackson (American), Tanksley Efianayi (American) and Corbin Jackson (American).
Coach: Héctor Da Prá.


yaquinta Paulo Petkoff Fotografias 6249

Hernando Cáceres in Urupán

Older files: Mateo Sarni, Martín Trelles, Mateo Suárez, Hernando Cáceres and Sebastián Ottonello.
Unnamed Tokens: Brandon Boggs (American), Antonio Bivins (American) and Zygimantas Riauka (Lithuanian).
Coach: Esteban Yaquinta.


The first date of the contest will be played between Monday and Tuesday in what is also the return to the courts and the local system for Uruguayan basketball, for the first time since March 2020.

Biguá will debut with Urunday Universitario, Aguada with Malvín and Goes with Olimpia.


Biguá-Urunday University
Time: 21:15
Court: Biguá

Peñarol-Hebraica and Macabi
Time: 21:15
Court: Peñarol Palace

Time: 21:15
Court: Trouville

Time: 21:15
Court: Olímpia


Time: 21:15
Court: Urupán

Time: 21:15
Court: Malvín

Sporting-Olivol World Defender
Time: 21:15
Court: Welcome


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The Uruguayan Basketball League kicks off this Monday: look at the teams and schedules of the first date