The University You Want: University Elections are held on September 29 | Daily Change

Students, teachers, graduates and graduates of Udelar will vote on Wednesday, September 29 to elect their authorities. The attendance to cast the vote is mandatory and the elections are regulated by the Electoral Court. General University Elections -which this time summon more than 300,000 people-, are normally held every two years to elect the members who will make up the governing bodies of the University on behalf of the three co-government Orders (Student, Teachers and Graduates). Voting will take place from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m., in person and in accordance with the health protocols established in preventing the contagion of Covid-19.
Voting is done throughout the country: students vote in their places of study, while each teacher must vote in the place where he or she works and each graduate in the place where he or she resides, in premises provided by the Electoral Court. The Circuit Plan for these elections will be published in due course.
-A) members of the General Assembly of the Cloister: in the Student Order, the Teaching Order and the Graduate Order, in all the faculties and similar institutes
-B) members of the Faculty Faculty Assembly: in the Student Order, the Teaching Order and the Graduate Order, in all the faculties and similar institutes.
C) members of the Faculty Council: in the Student Order in all the faculties and similar institutes, in the Teaching Order and in the Order Graduates of the Faculty of Information and Communication and in the Institute “National School of Fine Arts” and in the Order of Graduates in the Faculty of Social Sciences.
The students, teachers and graduates of careers with no less than two years duration from the Faculties of Architecture, Design and Urbanism; Agronomy; Sciences; Social Sciences; Economic and Administration Sciences; Right; Nursing; Humanities and Education Sciences; Information and communication; Engineering; Medicine and its Schools; Odontology; Psychology; Chemistry and Veterinary Medicine, and the National School of Fine Arts Institute (IENBA).
-Students who have taken at least one exam or won a course in the two years prior to the election or in what has elapsed in 2021.
-Students who entered Udelar in 2021, passed the previous cycle, are enrolled and have not missed their courses.
-Teachers with a seniority in the ranks of at least one year on the date of the election.
– Graduates who appear in the records with a degree issued by the University of the Republic.
-Students who have completed their career as of the closing date of the register, even if their degrees have not been registered, will vote as graduates or teachers as appropriate.
Soon a website will be published with detailed information on these elections, which will include the presentation of dozens of proposals that the groups of students, teachers, graduates and graduates submit to the decision of the voters on this occasion, in the different university services .