“The union of the group is”

Great victory for Tabaré over Cordón. One of the keys to the team was the foreigner Ignacio Alessio. After the game was over, he took a few minutes and left his word.

It was a necessary point for the team that at times showed good play. On this he left: “We were clear that we had to take this game as it was, taking into account the absence of Damián (Tintorelli) below the ring, but above all because of the need we had to find ourselves with the victory since we were not getting the results and we had been losing by one or two balls. The team played a good basketball at times but it was not clear in the closings, we worked a lot, a lot of self-criticism but luckily we succeeded and it is enjoyed. We are growing”.

It is clear that the ball had to be put down, but at the same time it is a bit contradictory because they closed, defended the area, caught and at times the ball did not arrive clear. At the beginning of the game I was able to make good decisions, we were able to build the path of the game there and then it was more distributed. We looked for pick and roll situations, we took open shots, we had clarity and that was very important”He analyzed with respect to the keys of the game and where they led the game.

Tabaré came with a 1-6 record, at times the team played very well but at certain moments of the game, he fell into a well that cost him the point. Of this, he stated: “The fact that we play badly and the rival gives you back the game, it is our mistake but the rival’s merit also, when they are at a disadvantage, they take a step forward, they change in intensity, character and defense. It has happened to us in several games and when that happens we have to know how to control that”.

It was not an expected start, from the first moment when things were not given the support of the leadership was there, they gave us peace of mind, they were clear that no one was going to leave. That gave us peace of mind to work and go in search of victories. The team is united and we work day by day to reverse this. I like that because it shows that there is commitment and in the long run it gives you the push to go for more”He commented on the current situation of the team.

With his head on the Metro with Tabaré, he took a few seconds to leave the sensations left by Defensor Sporting’s interest in him: “It is very enjoyable that a team like Defender comes looking for me. When I finished the League in Argentina there was the chance to come and collaborate with Hebraica Macabi, I did not hesitate thinking of opening my career a little. I have been looking at the medium for a long time, very good players come and the level is increasing. My head is set here, to go in search of the objectives, later there will be time to think about the League. Last week I went to meet them, and I was at the beginning of the preseason. There is a very nice group”.