The unfortunate messages that Laura Gil has received after the elimination of Spain from the Olympics

1628804035 The unfortunate messages that Laura Gil has received after the

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The hatred and insult on social networks have returned to live another episode with a Spanish woman in the middle. If these JJOO they are being those of mental health, they are also showing the worst of some fans who, in the face of defeat, pay for their frustration with the athlete who has not been able to win. That has been the case with Laura Gil, one of the players of the Spanish women’s basketball team who fell in the quarterfinals against France this Wednesday.

Those of Lucas Mondelo They had it in their hand, but finally the finery prevailed in the minutes where the match was resolved. There, some of the national players were not right. Gil, for example, missed a shot just below the basket that could have put Spain three up on the scoreboard. There are many who have stayed with this play and who, after the defeat, went through his Instagram account to reproach him.

“Look, I have been watching basketball for years and you are the worst thing I have ever held in my face. How can you be so terrible? You have failed three baskets under the rim which is to send the cadet to learn how to put trays”, “Could this aunt be badder? She kicked us out of the quarter by herself”, “Top package” or “Professional basketball player” are some of the comments that could be read in her last publication, just when they secured their qualification for the phase final.

The comments she received on her Instagram account Laura Gil

The comments she received on her Instagram account Laura Gil

Faced with this public lynching, another basketball player like Augusto Lima stepped out to appease the spirits: “I flip with the amount of tweets talking about Laura Gil, you have no idea about basketball. A professional athlete has his good and bad days, Laura he has had an excellent tournament. It is clear that he has not had the day, but that is what falling and getting up is all about. “

This morning, Laura herself spoke on her Twitter account to explain her feelings: “I don’t know how to start this … But I need to get it out. I wanted to start by acknowledging my mistakes, yesterday I was not correct, I missed shots that in the eyes of Any of them were very easy shots. I can assure you that right now I am very hurt. I will not excuse myself, but it is not every day well, or 100% in all facets of the game. I tried to help the team adding in other aspects, But it was not enough. Basketball is a sport in which you don’t always win, and we must know how to win and know how to lose. Thank you very much to all the people who are showing me their support. And simply to give a message to those people who think that for having an opinion they can disrespect one or twelve players who have been giving their all all summer: Everyone has the right to have an opinion, but not all opinions are respectable “.

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