The two 3-point records Stephen Curry couldn’t break in the NBA with Warriors


Steve Kerr and Klay Thompson hold the 3-point records it would cost Stephen Curry to break with the Golden State Warriors in the NBA.

Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson (Photo: Getty Images)


Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson (Photo: Getty Images)

It will only be a matter of one season, at most two, so that Stephen Curry become the player with the most triples scored and there is no doubt in the consensus of the NBA It is the label that he has as the best tripler in history, but …

Despite Curry’s great conditions that make impossible shots possible, there are two triples records that according to the experts would be very difficult to break. Two old acquaintances in Golden state warriors, Steve Kerr and Klay Thompson, they are the owners of these brands.

On October 29, 2018, Klay thompson outplayed Curry himself and scored 14 triples in one game to achieve a unique record in the NBA. This is the first mark that Stephen Curry would have a hard time surpassing. The motives? There are several!

Although in the 2020-21 NBA season Curry scored 11 3-pointers in three quarters of a game, Stephen needs faster starts and more time in matches. Something that is contradictory because if you turn on by shooting three points you will get an advantage that will have most of the last quarter on the bench.

Stephen Curry couldn’t beat Steve Kerr’s 3-point ERA

Golden State Warriors coach Steve Kerr holds the record as the player with the best 3-point effectiveness in history: 45.4%. Why would it be difficult for Stephen Curry to top it? After 12 seasons, Steph registers 43.3% and the difference in the number of attempts is such, 8.6 to 1.8 (Kerr) per game, that as the star NBA keep trying and fail the percentage will drop; while the former player of Chicago Bulls he tried little and scored a lot.

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