“The trust we place with our partner”

Danubio defeated Larre Borges 93-83. After the game, Basketball Total spoke with Damián Mujica.

I don’t know if it was the game we expected, but it was the game we wanted, without a doubt. We had rowed a lot to be able to try to be among the top 8, yesterday there was no favorable result that would help us and based on rowing the entire championship we said we are going to row a little more. We left concentrated and looking for the victory. We knew in advance that Larre Borges is one of the candidates to stay with the promotion, it was going to get complicated but with the proposal that we made, the truth was for the good of the group. “ He recounted the game and Danubio’s goals before starting to play.

Mujica tells us where the keys went to stay with a game, which had minimal differences in the score. And he added confidence: In the concentration with which we go out and the trust we place with our partner. Today I was able to take a shot or another, because my teammates tell me to shoot with faith. The same happens when another teammate has to do it, and I think it shows on the court every time we celebrate the goal of our teammates and that’s good. “

And he continued explaining, his high percentage in the shots taken. He also told us how he practices them: I try to train the outside shot quite a bit, like the two-point shot. Sometimes it turns out the way you want it, and sometimes it doesn’t turn out like everything. But you have the trust and backing of the group. “

Mujica was asked if he preferred to choose a rival in the Play In instance, as he commented: We take it as if it were the best team in the tournament. We all know what the subway is, all teams can beat anyone and lose to anyone. A new stage of Play in is coming, and then hopefully the Play Offs will come, then the semifinals. The rival does not matter. We are going to assume it as if it were the best in the world. “