The Spain squad at the 2022 U17 Basketball World Cup: Aday Mara, Izan Almansa and the figures to follow

The Spanish U17 basketball teamdirected by Javier Zamora, has everything ready for its participation in the category world, what starts this Saturday July 2 in Malaga. The youth group will share Group B with Dominican Republic, Japan and Lithuania.

How did the 12-player squad turn out and what are the biggest names to watch? The review below The SportingNews.

The Spain squad at the U17 World Cup

Player Equipment Height Position
Conrad Martinez Joventut Badalona 1.82 Base
Lucas Langarita Casademont Zaragoza 1.88 Base
Lucas Mari Valencia Basketball 1.96 Base
Paul Navarro Valencia Basketball 1.97 Shooting guard
Ruben Vincent Unibox 1.97 Shooting guard
Sergio DeLarrea Valencia Basketball 1.97 Eaves
Bruno Vidarte real Madrid 2.00 Eaves
Hugo Gonzalez real Madrid 1.93 Eaves
Alvaro Folgueiras Unibox 2.05 Power forward
Izan Almansa Overtime 2.07 Power forward
Aday Mara Casademont Zaragoza 2.20 Pivot
David Barbera Valencia Basketball 2.06 Pivot

The figures to follow from Spain U17

Aday Mara

Huge potential for the young man from Zaragoza, whose profile is among the main pearls of Spain. Endless Pivot thanks to its size that translates its dimensions and control capacity to be dominant in defense. Rebounds and rim protection at wild levels.

He is a player with a great understanding of the game and that helps the collective fluidity, but he is also a main objective to get points. Both above the rim, and with his mid-range shot and post moves.

Izan Almansa

Another of the great projects of Spanish basketball. Perfect modern interior thanks to its size, strength and mobility. His defense is impressive thanks to the ability to protect the rim against big opponents or go out to cover the perimeter.

While he is a remarkable finisher and follower on offense, he needs to continue to work on his mid-range shot and his ability to score points on his own. He left Real Madrid to join the Overtime project. Very interested in seeing her couple with Mara.

Sergio DeLarrea

Pure talent. De Larrea, offensive perimeter player for Valencia Basket, is a player with a lot of points and capable of acting as a great generator. It is one of the best projects in Spanish basketball and one of the references of this block.

It works very well together with another base and helps in the creation tasks. He has improved in defense and has an impressive technical arsenal. Very smart. splurge class.

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The Spain squad at the 2022 U17 Basketball World Cup: Aday Mara, Izan Almansa and the figures to follow