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The Tournament, which is reserved for the U17 category, will be played in our city from Saturday 20 to Monday 22, taking advantage of the long weekend. It will have 12 teams divided into three zones. There will be a triples tournament and the games will be seen live.

All set, confirmed. Day, schedules, teams, fixture and more. The traditional Tournament called “Correcaminos” organized by San Isidro will return in 2021 after its last presentation was in 2018.

Adrián Delprete and Christian Ghini, two of the organizers, told DAILYPORTS as will be the 23rd edition. “There are 12 teams that will be competing, they are all confirmed and I put together the fixture. The truth is that we had an excellent response from many clubs, the quota was 12 teams and it was quickly completed “they commented.

The “Roadrunner”, a tournament launched back in 1997 by Antonio Manno with Daniel Beltramo, has a whole history. More than 200 teams took part in the different years, with more than 2,500 players taking part.

In this 2021, there will be 12 teams divided into three zones. The opening ceremony will take place at the “Severo Robledo” stadium on Saturday at 7:30 pm; Although previously several games will be played, starting at 9:30 in the morning. The stadiums of El Ceibo, El Tala and the one of the Halcones will be used. The semifinals will be on Monday at 9:00 and 10:30 in Corrientes Street. While the grand final will be played at 5:30 p.m.

The groups

Zone 1
The felling
Junín cyclist
Ing. Raver from Los Cardales (Buenos Aires)
Córdoba’s Park neighborhood

Zone 2
San Isidro “A”
July 9, Freyre
Deportivo Argentino de Pehuajo
Belgrano de Zárate

Zone 3
The Ceibo
San Isidro “B”
Ameghino from Villa María
Stream of La Rioja

Triple Tournament

The modality is that the winner of the Triple Tournament is the best team. The game strategy is essential.

It will be played as follows:
• 2 teams from the tournament face each other, one per hoop.
• Three players from the same team per game turn with two balls must make the greatest number of triples in a time of 2 minutes.
• Players must shoot and pass the ball to a waiting teammate or go back to find their own shot.
• A player may not be fixed on a launch point
• The shooting position of 3 is free.
• The winning team with the most points continues to the next round.
• In the next instance the team will be modified with 3 other players, not being able to be repeated from the previous instance.
• The idea that the 12 players from the squad participate in the 2 teams that face each other in the final.
• The prize will be a prize for the 12 players.

History of Champions

Throughout the 22 editions, 211 were the teams that competed in the traditional tournament.

1997 – Parque de Córdoba neighborhood
1998 – Parque de Córdoba neighborhood
1999 – The Tala
2000 – Freedom of Sunchales
2001 – Ramos Mejía from Buenos Aires
2002 – El Ceibo
2003 – Sport Club de Cañada de Gómez
2004 – Union of Santa Fe
2005 – Sport Club de Cañada de Gómez
2006 – Club Atlético Riojano
2007 – Goya de Corrientes Club
2008 – Goya de Corrientes Club
2009 – North Band of Río Cuarto
2010 – San Isidro
2011 – North Band of Río Cuarto
2012 – San Isidro
2013 – Trelew Hurricane
2014 – XXI Century of Misiones
2015 – San Isidro
2016 – Casa Padua in Buenos Aires
2017 – Casa Padua in Buenos Aires
2018 – San Isidro

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The “Roadrunner” will have its 23rd edition – DiarioSports – San Francisco