The return of the Mamba

Diana Taurasi, beastly, predator, worthy of the few who can be above Kobe Bryant himself.

Kobe bryant He did not leave this world, his presence is everywhere for those who want to find him and last Thursday thousands of people saw him possess the spirit of his best friend in basketball, Diana Taurasi, the second in the Mambas dynasty, which destroyed the Las Vegas aces in Chapter II of his Semifinals series.

Of course, the GOAT of his sport does not need help from anyone, but the ties between them were so close that during the game it was impossible not to think about the former Laker, while Taurasi signed the best game of his career in the playoffs. 39 years old!

Bestial. Predatory. 37 points driven by an ERA of 8 of 11 in triples and 9 of 9 from the free line, numbers of an execution worthy of the few that can be above Kobe himself, because that is the place that corresponds to the guard of the Mercury, the top among the legends who never bounced a ball.

But the true association with his late friend is beyond what happened that night. As is well known, Kobe was a mentor to Taurasi’s life off the court, the one who taught him to deal with the fame and money of being the face of his industry and that is where we find the explanation of how he is playing this level in its 18th season.

Confessed by herself, Bryant helped her change her habits when she felt she owned the world after being named MVP and winning her second WNBA title.. It was a time when Taurasi was not limited to parties, to the point that in 2009 she was arrested for driving with twice the alcohol limit allowed in Arizona and had to step on jail.

From that day on, she looked even more for the shelter of the superstar, who told her about her personal care habits and sowed in her the final seed to polish the competitive monster that we are enjoying today: the goal of being a mother-athlete.

Kobe taught Taurasi that this was the most effective gasoline that could exist for a player of his level and showed him that the correct way to carry such a demanding schedule was to put his family first and make the likes of his children, his own.

That is why Kobe was so close to women’s basketball, to the point that he gave up his life in it, and that is why Taurasi learned not to waste any more time and to dedicate himself, in his own words, to only three things in every minute of his days: family , close friends and basketball.

DT stopped drinking alcohol on a recurring basis in 2009, in 2015 she became vegan, in 2017 she married and in 2018 she welcomed her first son, Leo (named in honor of Messi), who finished helping her to focus her energies on what which is important, to achieve the devastating results that we are seeing.

That’s just one more bit of the Mamba’s legacy and it will be on everyone’s eye this month as Taurasi and Mercury are still alive in the playoffs, waiting for the final goal, their fourth WNBA title, to put it, also there, at the top of the all-time list.