Today at the “Fortunato Bonelli” stadium of the Belgrano Club, the opening ceremony of the first edition of the CAB 1 Sports Region tournament will be held for the male and female branch, both in the First Division and in the Lower Division. At 19:30, Regatas-Talleres de Villa Gobernador Gálvez will play in the highest category of women and at the end, in men, Somisa will face Temperley de Rosario.

The “Fortunato Bonelli” stadium in Belgrano was the setting chosen for the inauguration. DANIEL DORADO / THE NORTH

At the “Fortunato Bonelli” stadium of the Belgrano Club, the opening ceremony of the first edition of the CAB 1 Sports Region tournament will be held today for the male and female branch, both in the First Division and in the Lower Division. At the start of the competition that brings together 35 clubs from the north of the province of Buenos Aires and the south of Santa Fe, at 7:30 p.m. they will play for the First Women’s Regatas contest of our city and Villa Gobernador Gálvez workshops and at the end Somisa and Temperley de Rosario will face each other for the men’s top category championship. The ticket for this day will have a value of $ 300. What happens on this day can be followed live and direct through YouTube.

To face the Regional -and aiming for the Federal of next year-, Somisa was reinforced with the arrivals of the experienced Rosario pivot Ezequiel Dentis, plus the young Gerónimo Rausch (intern from Bahia), Martín Pérez Douthat (Chaco forward) and Santiago Calderón (native base of San Jorge). These names were added to those of Gonzalo Silvero, Ramiro Cruz, Leonardo Lete and Federico Pascual, plus the boys who have been performing in good shape in the First local, an area in which the somiseros won five of the last seven titles.

In dialogue with EL NORTE, Nicolás Arámburu stressed that “the championship is going to be nice.” And he pointed out that “it means a lot to be in the opening jump of a new tournament.” “In the debut we are going to face a great rival, who plays very intense, very aggressive, who has a lot of youth and who is the protagonist in Rosario,” said the coach of Somisa when referring to Temperley, where Niky led in 2015 .

Regarding the Ayacucho street team, it must be said that its main figures are forward Dante Esquivel, guard Andrés Ottolini, while Álvaro Roig and Augusto Torres alternate at the base. Octavio Parizzia was added, recently passing through Gymnastics at Federal (Roig played it in Timbúes). Mariani and Zorrilla are other players in the formation led by Marcelo Roig, who has just beaten Sportmen Unidos 66-65 and fights for the top of Zone 2 of the Rosario Super League.

Returning to Somisa, Arámburu commented: “We are happy for the group that is being assembled, Ezequiel adds everywhere. The new guys are very good, with zero problems, very good teammates and they are adapting to what the club can offer them ”.

For today’s commitment Gonzalo Silvero with some physical discomfort is in doubt, while Calderón will not play, who is recovering from a sprained ankle. Another injured Somisa is Nicolás Rodríguez. Faced with these casualties, as is already happening, the U-20 Valentini and the U-17 Manuel Rodríguez, Brovarone and Vitangeli will have minutes to play. Regarding this, Arámburu indicated: “Manuel is making a huge effort to keep up with the older ones and he is really doing very well, based on all the effort he has been making, especially with a significant overload of games.” “We are also happy with what Maxi Valentini, Brovarone, Vitangeli, Di Renzo have been doing, all of them growing up and ready to play. It is a project that started in 2016 and that is bearing fruit, ”said the DT.

The feminine

Regarding the previous game, for the women’s competition, the Regattas and Workshops of Villa Gobernador Gálvez will be a duel between old acquaintances, since both teams compete in Rosarina. There in the current tournament –which has them both fighting in the main positions– Talleres won 56-43. They also fought for the Federal, in which Talleres reached the semifinals (they won 63-42 and 77-56). The dribbles have a base with girls of experience with Julieta Molina, Cecilia Fernández, Florencia Botti (injured) and Andrea Albornoz, and young people who have been acquiring filming, such as Martina Soliz, Albertina Perazzo and Pilar Sáez.

“The idea is to be protagonists, we have a good team, with small players to whom we are giving possibilities. Talleres is not the same Federal team, because there are players who are no longer there, but it is also going to be a tough rival, “said Jorge Acosta, Regatta coach.

Days and times for ABSN teams

As for the other ABSN representatives in the Men’s First, the three will appear in Rosario at the beginning of the season.

Tomorrow Friday at 9:30 p.m. Los Andes de Villa Ramallo will face CAOVA for Group D.

In the framework of C Regatas he will collide with Provincial on Sunday at 20.30 and simultaneously for B, Belgrano will face Central.

The other meetings will be: University-Talleres de Arroyo Seco (tomorrow 9:30 pm), Sportmen Unidos-Santa Paula de Gálvez (Sunday 8:00 pm), Atalaya-Sportivo Las Parejas (tomorrow 9:30 pm) and Centenario de Gálvez-Indepediente de Chañar Ladeado (tomorrow 9:30 pm) . Free will be Juventud Unida de Cañada Rosquín (A) and Náutico Sportivo Avellaneda (D).

In Sub-17, the five “nicoleños” will make their debut as visitors: Belgrano with El Tala (Sunday 3:30 pm), Regattas against Universitario (Saturday 6:00 pm), Somisa against Unión and Progreso (Sunday 1:00 pm) and Riberas against Argentino de Pergamino (Sunday 17.00). Sacachispas will have a free date.

In Sub-15s, also Belgrano, Regatas and Somisa will visit El Tala, Universitario and Unión and Progreso, respectively (Belgrano on Sunday at 5:00 pm, Regatas on Saturday at 4:00 pm and Somisa on Sunday at 11:00 am). In addition, Defensores will play in Colón against Alianza (Sunday 5:00 pm) and Sacachispas will receive Fortín Barracas de Rosario in Villa Constitución (Sunday 7:00 pm).

Finally, in Sub-13 they will play Universitario-Regatas (Saturday 2:00 p.m.) and Sirio Libanés de Pergamino-Belgrano (Sunday 11:00).

On the women’s side, in the First Division, Riberas will participate with Regattas, which will start against Ben Hur in Rosario on Saturday at 6.30 p.m. In Sub-17 the dribbles will be local tomorrow at 9:00 p.m. at Talleres de Villa Gobernador Gálvez, and in Sub-14 Regatas it will collide in “La Ribera” with Gimnasia de Pergamino on Sunday at 9:30 and Belgrano will play on his court with Náutico Sportivo Avellaneda Saturday at 11.00.