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1628273041 The positions that San Isidro is looking for DiarioSports

He already has an extremely important token insured, that of Juan Cruz Oberto. Federico Zezular also continues, taking the starting quintet as a reference. The Red Hawks target a point guard, a guard, and a four.

With two months ahead, before the start of the 2021/2022 season of the Argentine League; San Isidro has already put his hand to work in making the team. The first step was taken by hiring Daniel “Pirincho” Beltramo as coach, a coach who returned to Corrientes street after six years and who has already been working at the “holy” institution since last Monday.

Next to the person in charge of directing the team, was the renewal of Juan Cruz Oberto, a fundamental piece in the last edition and who was sought after by several teams in the same category and also by the National League. The one from Las Varillas signed for two seasons and promises to be one of the “franchise players.”

He is joined by Federico Zezular, the youth from Cordoba who from 21/22 becomes the first year U23, who won the consideration of all in the red; another of the numbers set for the initial 5.

The positions that San Isidro is looking for DiarioSports
Federico Zezular, number placed in the Falcons.

Now, these days, the focus of the coach and managers is fully on finding the right point guard, as well as a guard and a power forward. Three larger chips, which added to Oberto’s, would be those that San Isidro would use (by regulation, 6 can be hired).

But the hires would not be in those three positions; They are also looking for a versatile U23 that can collaborate in the painted area, in addition to continuing in negotiations for Santiago Assum, the Riotercerense who belongs to the 9 de Julio of that city.

The Falcons’ plan, for the season that would begin in mid-October, would be to play with 4 seniors, 4 U23s (one would occupy a senior position) and the rest of the institution’s juniors and recruits.

Fourth point of the final

In Buenos Aires, at the Ferro stadium, Unión de Santa Fe will try again this afternoon to get the championship and promotion to the National League by crashing in the fourth point, in the best-of-five series, with Villa Miter from Bahía Blanca. The “tatengue” won the first and second, but those of Bahia did not give their arm to twist, stretching the definition. At 19:00 hours the new chapter that can be seen by Directv Sports and Basquetpass.

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Gutiérrez attacks before Isola’s defense, the two former San Isidro.