“The people thing was tremendous”

He came from behind in the game, he jumped onto the court to stay and not go out anymore. The number 8, played 29:15, scored 27 points in 10/12 shots from the court (6/7 in triples and 4/5 in doubles), also put 1/1 in free. After the game, Nicolás Catalá was a note for Básquet Total.

Olimpia achieved a victory that gives joy and confidence. On this, he left: “We were a bit affected by the lack of a foreigner, we had injured players and senses, but the team showed that it is very united and that was added to the very good percentages we had to carry out a game that was uphill.”

“It was ugly for us in the internal game, but Pablo (Macanskas) was a lion, he benched in an impressive way behind, not only did he play his game but he covered holes left by teammates. Although Iván (Basualdo) was charged with fouls, when he was he helped and I did my thing “, analyzed the physical and stature differences.

Of the difference in aggressiveness from one time to another, he marked: “Gerardo (Jauri) told us at halftime that we had to be more aggressive in the brand. In the first half we practically did not make mistakes, with the physical differences in the painting it was illogical that we did not charge. Nor is it good the last quarter that we fill up with fouls right away ”.

“We know that we did not close the game well, we were lucky that Miguel (Barriola) missed the free game, but the important thing is that we take the point and we have two more on the table”said of the closing of the game.

On those close to Olympia who came to the Union, he stated: “What happened with the people was tremendous, seeing how they celebrated seems to me to be a true reflection of what we spread from the inside out and they thanked us for that.”

“Luckily I saw the hoop huge, I hadn’t had a game of these for a long time and it’s enjoyable. The foreigner (Ejim) arrives on Friday and we have a few days before National to insert it “ he ruled on his night and what is coming.

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“The people thing was tremendous”