“The past stepped on, without grudges. I came to have fun “

Danubio won again, this time he did it against Sayago who was plugged in after a great victory. After the victory, Basketball Total talked about everything with Sebastián Álvarez, including his frustrated last season at Lagomar.

Sebastian’s first thing was to give meaning to this important point achieved by the team: “First of all it was a very important victory for us. It helps us to continue strengthening ourselves, we are a long team and we have a lot of material. It’s true that we started a bit late with the full team but once we got to know each other, we started to walk a little better. Also today it was against Sayago who came from beating 25 in a great game and who is also a direct rival. Today we equalize it and we are at the top with a sports advantage. So wherever you look at it, today’s victory is good ”.

For a passage of the game he was reunited with the shot, something that is being elusive at the start of the contest, but he has things clear: “Personally I took out a thorn, because I have been training a lot, they do not get a leg up. I’ve been training shooting, but if it doesn’t come in, you have to defend, you have to do other things and I’m willing to do whatever. Anyway, I keep trying, I’m still aggressive and I know that if the rim opens it can be very dangerous. The truth is that I am very happy for myself, for the team and for how we play, because today we play very well ”.

Once Danubio managed to make a difference, the impact was such on Sayago that they did not even let him get back on the scoreboard and this is the reading that Álvarez gave him: “When we play with intelligence and we know how to read when to stop, when to play the ball. When we play with intelligence and make good decisions, we manage to break the game and always maintain a strong and very tough defense to get them to 63 points, which is what we are aiming for. Today one of the keys was scraping with Riauka down there, who is a great player. We controlled it well, Martín took it from him and we were able to help him ”.

In this fringed team he, being very young, is one of the most experienced, about how he carries that role he told us the following: “I no longer ask the age of anyone here. It is always less and I feel like an old man. Until Damien arrived, I was the greatest. The idea is to try to help in whatever, from experience, talk to them, there are kids who have conditions and can exploit it. Sometimes I spray them, I know I do, but always in a good one. So I try to help at that point, trying to make my teammates the best they can be in this tournament that we are together ”.

Another very young man on the squad is the coach, Guido Fernandez, about whom Álvarez said the following: “I get along very well, Guido is young yes, but he is facing it very well. It is very clear when he speaks we have been working for a long time already in a very good way. He is very neat, very organized and the truth is that I wish him the best because he deserves it ”.

Finally he referred to the return to play Metro, after last year’s frustrated experience and made it clear that he does not experience it as a rematch: “The past stepped on, I have no grudges. I did not come in revenge mode but to have fun because that was what I wanted to do last year with my family and I cannot give it. So that’s the goal, to have fun and make a place for myself here because I know I’m new to the environment and I have to fight it ”.