The nightmare that almost made Karl-Anthony Towns retire

Si there is a player in the NBA what has been truly hit by covid-19, that’s without a doubt the star of the Timberwolves, Karl-Anthony Towns. The Minnesota player lost his mother, his uncle and five other family members to the coronavirus and even He himself suffered it in his own flesh during the past season. According to the player I lost up to 22 kilos during a quarantine in which he had to deal with many emotions.

At this time, there were times when the player He hit rock bottom, exceeded his limits. When he returned at the beginning of February, he suffered a panic attack on the bench and had to retire to the locker room.

Towns now admits in an interview for Sports Illustrated that it was too much for him. So much so that, a week after that attack, He came to the idea of ​​quitting basketball, to depart at least indefinitely from him.

The Wolves franchise player says there were times when being around his teammates helped him cope. Basketball was a relief. But others in which to walk away and find a space to cry: “My mother made basketball fun for me all her life. And it has helped me a lot. But I came to think that I had too many things on my mind and that I couldn’t take it anymore, that I couldn’t bear it. “

Towns goes on to say that he consulted with his father about the decision and he told him what was at stake, including the financial aspect that he could lose: “But that never influenced the decision he had to make.”

In the end, Karl-Anthony Towns decided to return with his team and the Wolves showed a better face from new coach Chris Finch. Now a period of instability opens in the franchise after the dismissal of Gersson Rosas as general manager, but his star hopes it will be a good year for him and for the team. And to be able to get out of the tunnel that for him has been covid-19.

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