The night of the 10

On a beautiful night, the orange was on the air in Villagrán street where important things were at stake. Both teams had casualties on their roster; On the side of Lagomar, Martín Perdomo and Martín Larrea were not present, while those of Nuevo Malvín did not have Nicolás Delgado, Matías Martínez or Pedro Sansone. The match began balanced where Unión Atlética went to the front with a good passage from Federico Ambrosoni, but without generating too much on offense. With the passing of the minutes and with a convoluted procedure, it was Lagomar who, from a solid defense, began to run the court to go to the front. The azulgrana was a machine to lose balls and this was continued to be capitalized by the Costa team that enjoyed a great passage from Newsome to put a partial of 10 to 0. Lovera’s were out of ideas, Bivins was loaded with fouls and in attack they were wrong paths. At the end, a triple by the newly entered Francisco Hormoza allowed Lagomar to close 16 to 6.

The start of the second was a deja vu with a double run from Ambrosoni that, added to a bomb from Joaquín Dios, became responsible for the downsizing. However, the spa cut off the reaction with consecutive triples by Hormoza and Da Costa to take control of the game again. So much so, that in the blink of an eye he got a maximum of 16 with a good passage from Cardozo and where Unión Atlética paid dearly for errors in attack. As the minutes passed, the wind changed. God put the team on his shoulder with bombs and breaks, improved the losses on offense and with sparks from Bivins managed to put himself in play to finally go down 36 to 31.

The complement started even. Newsome on the one hand and Sacco on the other made offenses go through the paint. Lagomar was not attacking in the best way, however, five consecutive points on Couñago’s buzzer allowed him to take a double-digit advantage again, which forced Lovera’s minute. After the return, the azulgrana reacted, defense much more intense and in attack Taboada enjoyed his best moment at night to quickly get into play. For his part, Lagomar again fell into a well where he did not find points and in this way the match was even. At the end, a huge bomb from Bivins made his team finish up 53-52.

In the last chapter, the dominance of the Nuevo Malvín team continued, who with triples from Taboada and Bivins put a quick partial from 10 to 0 to start breaking the game against Lagomar who was lost on the court and did not repeat what was done in most of the match . Although Rodríguez sought to change the procedure after a minute of time, Lovera’s men were much more solid on the court and imposed the rhythm of the game. Added to this, Newsome started early in the game (technical and unsportsmanlike) which further complicated Lagomar’s aspirations. Although there was a small reaction, again Taboada was in charge of closing the game and in this way the victory went to Nuevo Malvin in figures of 80 to 72.