The night Michael Jordan visited the Baby’O nightclub and requested the closed circuit recordings

The best player in the history of basketball had a good time at the Acapulco Guerrero property

The famous “Baby’O” nightclub in Acapulco, Guerrero, caught fire during the night of last Wednesday, this nightclub has been visited by great sports celebrities throughout its history, with Michael Jordan being one of the most important figures that have enjoyed the place.

At the end of the 90s, the former Chicago Bulls player and considered the best basketball player of all time was present at the “Baby’O” accompanied by several women and a security force. Michael ordered four bottles of Cristal champagne and asked the DJ to put on some great music.

According to the site “Who“, Jordan enjoyed an extraordinary night with his companions and the next day he returned to the disco to meet Carlos Pietrasanta Gardel, who was then general director of” Baby’O “, to ask him to hand over the tapes recording the night before because he was in the process of divorce and feared that his partner would use such material to accuse him of infidelity.

“Michael wants you to give him all the closed-circuit footage – he’s getting divorced and his wife is asking for 60 percent of his fortune,” Michael’s assistants told the CEO.

In the end, Carlos Pietrasanta would have refused to deliver the material and asked Jordan to go home to face his divorce process so that his partner would not keep a large part of his fortune.

The disco “Baby’O” has been visited by great sports and entertainment figures such as Luis Miguel, Rod Stewart, Bono, Sylvester Stallone, among other celebrities.