The NBA renews its trophies | long live basketball

The 75 years of the NBA It is also the opportunity to renew one of the most coveted items by any player or team, so The NBA decided to make a total renovation for the trophies that are awarded in this postseasonnot only in terms of design, even adding new pieces to honor great legends of the league.

Larry O’Brien Trophy

It is the one that is given to the champions and presents some modifications, like the base that now has two disks and from this campaign, the name of the winning team will be engraved on the bottom of the disc, resulting in each team having a unique trophy. The design is designed so that the names of the next 25 champions can fit on the other disk. You can also see the net and the ball more clearly.

Conference Champions

The trophy has been awarded since 2001, but starting this year, the trophies will bear the names of two legends. The one from the Conference That will be named “Bob Cousy”measures 40 cm high and weighs 13 kg, its base has three posts, which is one of the differences with el from the West to be named “Oscar Robertson”This trophy has a weight of 40 cm and a weight of 14 kg, in this case it is elevated by two rings.

Conference Finals MVP Trophies

From this campaign the players who are chosen as the MVP of the Conference Finals will be awarded the Larry Bird and Magic Johnson trophies. We already know what these two legends mean for basketball and with this trophy their legacy is recognized. The trophy has a silver ball, a 24-karat gold net, very similar to the one given to the MVP of the finals, its weight is 2 kg. And it has a height of 35 cm.

The NBA renews its trophies long live basketball

Finals MVP

The Bill Russell Trophy given to the Finals MVP, undergoes some innovations, for example the gold finish that matches the Larry O’Brien trophy and the net and ball that are now more visible.

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The NBA renews its trophies | long live basketball